Christine Brunsden, TEP, CEA, EPC, MFA-P

Legacy Authority, Trusted Legacy and Legacy You

About Christine Brunsden

Prior to founding Trusted Legacy, Christine gained 20+ years experience acting as a fiduciary for individuals and their families through the participation in the administration of hundreds of Estates, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships, Investment Administration Accounts, Donor-Advised Funds and Private Corporations at several Canadian trust companies.

She has attained the Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Certified Executor Advisor (CEA), Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) and Master Financial Advisor – Philanthropy (MFA-P) designations.

She currently lives in Burlington and enjoys travelling, music and spending quality time with her children, grandchild and family dog.
Christine is an active member of the Estate Planners Council of Halton, the Burlington Executives Network and the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

Christine takes a holistic approach to legacy planning. She will assist you in crafting an individualized legacy plan that provides peace of mind in life and better outcomes on death and beyond.

Advisors who have worked with Trusted Legacy say: “Christine helps families SIMPLIFY the estate process by PLANNING AND ORGANIZING ahead of time. She will provide your executors CLARITY and CONFIDENCE that their job will be MUCH EASIER. AND – because of her work; YOU SAVE THOUSANDS – EVEN MILLIONS!”

Trusted Legacy offers estate planning, organizing, coaching, strategic philanthropic planning services, advisor education, client seminars and assistance to those who require administrative assistance to perform the role of Power of Attorney, Trustee or Executor at affordable rates.

Christine is also a co-founder of Legacy You Inc., a company which focuses on overcoming the Legacy Procrastination Effect through education, organization and communication to achieve a practical approach to pre-planning, planning and post-planning from an abundance mindset which promotes purposeful living through prioritization of your values and goals and prepares your future decision-makers and heirs.


Typical Clients

Trusted Legacy clients are those who are interested in planning with purpose for the future. They are focused on leaving clear instructions and the most efficient plan possible for those who will have to make decisions and act for them when they can no longer do it themselves. Leaving a blueprint is important to them.

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