Ciara McIlwaine, CEA

Lawyer, Two Rivers Legal Professional Corporation

About Ciara McIlwaine

I am a lawyer and Certified Executor Advisor working in the areas of Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Real Property, and Business Law and Consulting. I strive to help clients navigate legal issues and organize their legal affairs in a calm and efficient manner. I enjoy working collaboratively with individuals and businesses to provide the support, advice, services, and information they need to accomplish their goals.

Typical Clients

I enjoy working with clients of all ages and from all walks of life. Whether I’m talking to young folks who are just starting out on their own or retirees who are trying to simplify and make things easier for their children, I am always learning new things from my clients. As a part of a blended family, I am particularly aware of, and sensitive to, the estate planning needs of blended families.

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