Danielle Sutton, BBA, CFF, CAGP, MFA-Philanthropy

Financial Advisor, Evermark Financial

About Danielle Sutton

Strategic Philanthropy is my favorite aspect of financial planning.                                                                                  Converting trusted Donors into savy Philanthropists.

“I am inspired by my clients who like myself are striving to achieve a life of meaning and purpose.

The most important question I can ask is:

“What is the impact you want to leave behind?” – Let’s do it better, together.

I completed the Fundraising Fundamentals Program at Columbia University 20 years ago.  I then worked with non profits and charities before I transitioned into financial planning.

I have a unique combination of experience; then working for the charitable sector to raise much needed, highly competitive financial resources, and now working for donors on maximizing their individual impact.

I understand the tax rules for donors and non profits as they relate to charitable gifts. I understand the many options donors have to choose from.  I can provide expertise ensuring donors benefit from effective and efficient financial strategies.   I will provide clarity and confidence as we work together through complex issues to make wise decisions.

Typical Clients

My clients share with me the charities close to their heart.

My clients want to make meaningful, impactful gifts to advance their causes.

My clients are people who LOVE  – children, a spouse, a charity, a business, a cause.

My clients are people who have CHARACTOR – willing to make an immediate sacrifice for a deferred benefit.

My clients see the value in using financial planning tools to maximize, magnify and multiply their Philanthropic Legacy.

Contact Danielle Sutton about adding a charitable gift to your Will

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