Heather Watson, B.A. (Hons), LL.B.

Associate Lawyer, Agro Zaffiro LLP

About Heather Watson

Heather is an associate lawyer at Agro Zaffiro LLP, focusing in the area of estates. Her practice consists of estate litigation, estate administration, and estate planning (which includes the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, charitable planning, etc.). She has appeared at Small Claims Court, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

Heather enjoys working in estates and relishes an opportunity to answer questions or give talks about the importance of having an up-to-date Will and Powers of Attorney in place. She recognizes that clients need to be informed to make informed decisions.

A proud Hamiltonian, Heather completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at McMaster University majoring in History with an interest in legal philosophy.

She obtained her Bachelor of Laws at the City University of London, in England, graduating in 2015. While in law school Heather enjoyed contributing to various pro-bono initiatives, frequenting London’s many museums, and working at her pub job.

Heather returned to her hometown of Hamilton where she worked for a general practitioner as a law student while completing the National Committee of Accreditation examinations. After receiving her accreditation, Heather articled in the areas of criminal law and family law.

She joined Dermody Law as an associate shortly after being called to the bar in January 2017 and has been proud to work at Agro Zaffiro LLP since its joining with Dermody Law in June 2018.


Typical Clients

A typical client for Heather ranges from senior citizens looking to update their Will (or create their first estate plan) to new parents/homeowners looking to ensure that their children and/or property will be looked after in the event of a death or incapacity, and all people in between. She is used to working with small business owners, developing complicated plans (and simple ones), and working with a client’s other professionals (ie, tax or financial) to develop an estate plan.

Contact Heather Watson about adding a charitable gift to your Will

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