James Carney, Hons. BA, CFP, CLU, RRC

Senior Executive Financial Consultant, Carney Lyster & Associates

About James Carney

James has a passion for creating personalized solutions that provide financial wealth and independence to his clients and their families. As a leading financial advisor with Carney Lyster & Associates, IG Private Wealth Management, he has been recognized for his ability to understand complex scenarios and communicate advanced planning strategies with ease and clarity.  James has been the keynote speaker at over 100 client seminars and has presented to many regional offices and business conferences across the country. 

Having built a successful practice, James leads an advisory team with over 90 years of combined experience. James and his team are committed to providing comprehensive financial planning and wealth management solutions to established individuals and their families.  With an approach as unique as your personal needs and aspirations, our clients can expect customized solutions that inspire confidence.  All aspects of financial planning will be addressed through a holistic lens including: investments, risk management, strategic tax, retirement and estate planning.  

Typical Clients

Carney Lyster & Associates specializes in providing superior advice to: 

  • Executives 
  • Business owners 
  • Healthcare professionals 
  • Pre-retirees and Retirees 
  • Multi-generational families 

Our planning typically covers the following: 

  • Cash management – Cornerstone to your financial stability – understanding your annual personal cash flow requirements leads to a solid comprehensive plan. 
  • Strategic Tax Planning – Both personal and corporate tax planning – minimization and deferral of income tax to enhance your overall net worth.
  • Investment Management – Tactical asset allocation – proper diversification and portfolio management strategies to avoid high tax rates. 
  • Risk Management & Insurance – Protecting your most valuable assets – utilizing the tax advantages of wealth insurance to enhance your net worth for retirement, estate and charitable aspirations. 
  • Retirement Planning – Creating your retirement paycheque– structuring withdrawals to generate monthly tax-preferred income and managing your assets in retirement from a risk perspective. 
  • Estate Preservation & Legacy Planning – Maximizing your estate value & charitable giving – understanding what happens to your estate upon passing and minimizing taxation through a well-structured estate and philanthropic plan.

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