Ori Mandowsky

Ori Mandowsky, LL.B., CFA, TEP

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Vice-President, Client Wealth Management, Gluskin Sheff

About Ori Mandowsky, LL.B., CFA, TEP

I am a wealth advisor who takes great pride in the long-term relationships I have built with my clients.

My diverse experience working in law and corporate development prior to my wealth management career, combined with my Chartered Financial Analyst and Trust and Estate Practitioner training, gives me a broad perspective on personal, business and financial matters.

My community relationships are equally important to me, particularly my work with Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) Toronto, and the Barrie 2 Baycrest Annual Charity Bike Ride.

My clients are informed, accomplished people who lead full and busy lives. At Gluskin Sheff, our wealth planning process uncovers what really matters to clients, and how their wealth can be managed and structured to support those objectives.

Underpinning each client’s investment portfolio is a team of seasoned investment professionals who take a long-term view, anchored by Gluskin Sheff’s expertise in public market investing across various asset classes. And through our Onex partners, we now offer access to a wide and growing range of institutional-grade, private investment opportunities.

Many of my clients are in the fortunate position of being able to leave a substantial legacy to their family, while also making a positive impact through charitable giving. With the Gluskin Sheff Foundation for Philanthropy and our donor advised funds, or DAFs,  I am excited to be able to offer my clients an in-house solution to their philanthropy planning needs without the cost and complexity of having to set up their own private foundation.

My clients value DAFs for their administrative simplicity, cost efficiency and tax advantages. There are other important benefits to DAFs, such as building a legacy that can continue beyond the donor’s lifetime. It is deeply gratifying to support my clients in achieving these very personal aspirations.

Typical Clients

I am proud to partner with many of Canada’s most affluent individuals and their families to create integrated wealth management strategies based on their goals.

My clients are long-term investors who are values-driven. Some are in the early years of growing their families, their careers or their businesses. Others are approaching retirement and are looking ahead to their next chapter. Their needs are multi-faceted and complex, and they look to me for thoughtful, comprehensive solutions that integrate all areas of their wealth, from investment strategy to financial planning to tax minimization. Estate planning and philanthropy are important parts of the picture as well. Many of my clients want to ensure their family’s long-term financial security and at the same time help to bring about positive change in the world, during and beyond their lifetimes. They want their charitable giving—not only the financial gift itself, but also the principles and values behind the gift—to be part of the legacy they leave to their communities and to their families.

Strategic and thoughtful philanthropy often gives their wealth, and all the hard work that went into accumulating it, greater impact and a greater sense of purpose.

Contact Ori Mandowsky, LL.B., CFA, TEP about adding a charitable gift to your Will

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