Sheree Meredith

Sheree Meredith, MSW, FEA

Principal, Sheree Meredith Consulting

About Sheree Meredith

Sheree Meredith has over 40 years experience in the private, not for profit and education sectors.  She retired from Hamilton Community Foundation in 2019 following 14 years as VP Philanthropic Services to establish Sheree Meredith Consulting. Sheree holds a Master of Social Work degree (MSW), is an accredited Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) and a Certified 21/64 Consultant.

As a philanthropic consultant, Sheree helps individuals, foundations and businesses design and implement a strategic philanthropic plan that has the focus and impact they desire.  She is skilled at helping people articulate their vision, then design a plan that is multi-faceted and effective. As an independent practitioner, she is solely focused on supporting her client’s interests.  Equally, as a Family Enterprise Advisor, Sheree is skilled in working collaboratively with other members of her client’s advisor team (eg. lawyer and accountant).

Sheree assists individuals and families with creating the legacy that they desire.  A professional social worker and accredited Family Enterprise Advisor, Sheree can also assist with engaging members of the next generation in this legacy planning.

Typical Clients

Sheree has provided valuable advice to individuals, families, foundations and businesses across Canada.  An area of specialized focus is women’s philanthropy where she has advised individuals as well as private foundations headed by women.

Sheree is a highly regarded speaker in the area of Philanthropy With Meaning and Impact.

Contact Sheree Meredith about adding a charitable gift to your Will 905.537.4989 Sheree's website