Agriculture in the Classroom Canada



Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is the national voice for agriculture education in Canada. We are driven by two passions: the agriculture and food sector, and lifelong learning.

As a charitable organization, we operate from coast to coast with our ten provincial member organizations to deliver accurate, balanced, and current curriculum-linked agriculture and food resources, programs, and initiatives that are based on science. Together, we are committed to engaging Canadian students and educators to enhance their knowledge of, and connection to agriculture and food. Transparency, integrity, empowerment, inclusivity and collaboration firmly ground us in everything we do.

Through inquiry-based learning, we encourage students and educators to be curious, critical thinkers. By offering dynamic and unique outreach opportunities we bring students up close and personal with Canada’s agriculture and food story!

Our Vision: Agriculture in every classroom, inspiring every student.

Our Mission: To cultivate a meaningful connection to agriculture and food for students and educators.

Our Impact

Food connects us all to agriculture. In a complex and changing world, it is more important than ever to inspire the next generation to care about the food they eat, where it comes from, the farmers who grow it, and how it got to their plates.

AITC-C embraces Canadians’ interest in how their food is produced, by providing accurate, balanced and current, curriculum-linked teaching tools and resources on agriculture.

We believe in enhancing knowledge and appreciation of agriculture and food in Canada. As part of a cross-country effort, we work with our 10 provincial members to empower students and educators with learning programs, resources, and initiatives focused on the agriculture and food industry.

These innovative tools and resources for teachers and students will help build a stronger, more sustainable agriculture and food sector. Each year, we reach over 2 million students across Canada!

We are proud to work with numerous partners, including government, industry, and passionate individuals who share our belief in creating educational experiences for students that will engage, connect, and inspire a deeper connection to agriculture in Canada.

Discover AITC-C, who we are, what we do and how you can help in our 2020/2021 Annual Progress Report.

How your gift will be used

Now more than ever, our young people deserve to hear Canada’s food story.

A Legacy Gift is a powerful way to share your commitment to agriculture education in Canada as it will provide student interactions that inspire a lifelong connection and understanding of food and where it comes from. Your gift will go directly towards offering agriculture and food resources and experiences in schools across Canada.

Investing in agriculture education today will help empower consumers and inspire leaders of tomorrow! Grow Your Legacy with AITC-C!

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