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In 1981, a group of caregivers gathered to discuss the challenges of caring for a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Out of their compassion and determination, the Alzheimer Society of B.C. was ultimately founded. From those humble roots, the Society has blossomed into an organization active in communities across British Columbia. 

Our First Link dementia support services provide people living with dementia and their care partners with support, education and information at every stage of the disease. Through our advocacy work, we empower people affected by dementia with tools and resources to advocate for themselves and their families. We also work with the government, businesses and groups to encourage building communities that are inclusive, supportive and accessible for people affected by dementia. The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is also a major funder of dementia research, with a portion of our proceeds supporting the most promising research projects in the country every year. 

Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and that world begins with a more dementia-friendly society, where people affected by dementia are acknowledged, supported and included. 

Our Impact

“The Society has educated me and empowered me to care for mom… Even when I was too tired to follow-up or connect, you and the team continued to reach out to me. You did not give up on me. I did not give up on my mom.”  -Anonymous caregiver

There are roughly 70,000 people living with dementia in British Columbia, and countless care partners, families and friends who are affected by the disease. Every year, we connect with tens of thousands of people who directly benefit from our programs. Whether it’s receiving direct support through our First Link dementia support services, including our  First Link Dementia Helpline, or attending our in-person and online education sessions, we are there for anyone who needs us. 

By pooling resources together with the nation-wide Alzheimer Society federation, over $70 million has been invested in grants and awards toward innovative research that brings us closer to a future without Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Research funded by the Alzheimer Society has helped improve the quality of life for people, while advancing our knowledge of dementia towards better treatments and a cure. 

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The number of people living with dementia in B.C. continues to grow, and there is no cure. 

Your gift will allow us to reach more British Columbians who are in need of help, while also supporting promising research. We will continue to reduce stigma associated for the disease, and push for legislation that improves life for people affected by dementia. 

We will be there for anybody who needs us. We will never give up. Thank you for considering supporting our work as part of your legacy. 


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