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Founded in 1918, Baycrest has a long tradition of improving the health and well-being of people in Ontario and globally through care, research and education.

Innovation – the pursuit of better solutions – is at the core of Baycrest’s identity.

As people’s needs in the community changed, we have changed with them, building a long-term care home, a hospital, residences for assisted and independent living, clinics, adult day centres, educational programs and the Rotman Research Institute, which is recognized internationally for groundbreaking cognitive neuroscience.

The Baycrest-powered Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) helps develop, scale and facilitate adoption of innovative products and services to maintain the health and independence of older Canadians. As Scientific Headquarters for the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA), Baycrest is a hub for more than 300 Canadian scientists focused on dementia prevention and treatment.

We nurture every older adult’s abilities and possibilities. As Baycrest works to defeat dementia, it is sharing resources and tools to help everyone Fear No Age.

Our Impact

CARE: Baycrest’s team nurtures every older adult’s abilities and possibilities. Our compassionate care spans residential and clinical programs, with Baycrest-led innovation and research as the underlying foundation. Donors support sector-leading best practices in our homes, hospital, clinics, day programs, Baycrest@Home and province-wide virtual care.

EDUCATION: Baycrest is educating the next generation of healthcare providers for older adults, locally and globally. Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, Baycrest has trained thousands of healthcare practitioners and students in more than 30 disciplines from across Canada and around the world.

INNOVATION: Using technology and innovation, Baycrest is helping older adults discover a new world full of possibilities, free of fear. Innovation is in Baycrest’s DNA, embedded on campus in Baycrest@Home, Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Possibilities by BaycrestTM memory care, the Baycrest Innovation Office and Baycrest Global Solutions.

RESEARCH: Rotman Research Institute scientists are unlocking mysteries of the aging brain. Foundational science research focuses on perception, cognition, and brain function, as we work simultaneously on dementia prevention, early detection of cognitive decline, treatment and care. Baycrest leads Canada’s largest federally funded dementia research program (CCNA), and co-chaired the Dementia Advisory Board tasked with developing the nation’s dementia strategy.

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In the decades ahead, current approaches will not be enough to meet the challenges of an aging population.

Innovative solutions and best practices rooted in science are urgently needed.

At Baycrest, we are on it. This is our raison d’être.

Your legacy gift will have a ripple effect on the aging journey of generations of Canadians.

You will be part of the solution, helping Baycrest experts care for and enhance life for older adults, and develop more ways to optimize brain health for seniors, their family caregivers and people at every age.

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