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If you love birds, Birds Canada is for you! We are the only organization in Canada which focuses only on the conservation of wild birds.

Understand. Appreciate. Conserve. These words form the basis of our work. Our mission is to conserve the wild birds of Canada through sound science, on-the-ground actions, innovative partnerships, public engagement, and science-based advocacy.

The future for Canada’s birds is uncertain. You’ve heard the news about dramatic declines. But there are glimmers of hope too.

What is your future vision for wild birds? Ours is the recovery of species-at-risk, more space for birds to thrive, and greater appreciation and understanding of Canada’s wild birds.

A legacy gift to Birds Canada will help us create a brighter future for birds who brighten our lives every day.

For over 60 years, from our humble beginnings as Long Point Bird Observatory, we now engage nearly 60,000 volunteers who keep an eye on the health of bird populations.

Thanks to the support of our caring members, donors, volunteers, and conservation partners, we are driving conservation results for birds throughout Canada and beyond.

We are Canada’s voice for birds! With a gift in your Will, you can add yours – forever!

Our Impact

Birds Canada makes a positive impact on species and habitats. Some examples include monitoring nests of 60 or so Piping Plovers; through our Forest Birds at Risk program grassland, forest and wetland habitats in southern Ontario have benefited from restoration and management of at-risk species; and in the Canadian Prairies, we work with 62 landowners on more than 16,000 hectares of native grassland, helping to maintain some of the last populations of the 12 primary prairie endemic birds.

We inspire and empower champions for birds. Each year, over 6000 youth are more aware of birds having completed bird education programs. We foster a network of Caretaker groups engaging thousands of individuals in 265 of Canada’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas who improve habitat management, monitor population status and threats, and enable communities to undertake science-based advocacy. Thanks to our supporters, Birds Canada is leading conservation science and critical research. Risk assessments of over 40 species in Canada have been informed by Citizen Science data. Birds Canada staff expertise leads to Species at Risk Act listings, Recovery Strategies, and conservation actions.

How your gift will be used

Over the years, a number of donors with trust and confidence in our organization have left us a legacy gift. These donors know we spend every dollar we receive wisely and we keep our fundraising and administrative costs as low as possible.

Legacy gifts have helped us build a new headquarters, have established a special Young Ornithologists Fund and recently established a senior staff science position.

Every single legacy gift, no matter the size, is vitally important to our work to conserve wild birds.

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