CAMPFIRE CIRCLE (formerly Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium)

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CAMPFIRE CIRCLE (formerly Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium) has offered healing through happiness for thousands of kids and families affected by childhood cancer since 1983. It’s where kids can be kids, and families can be families—engaging in camp-inspired community, in-hospital, and overnight camp programs, at no cost to them. As a privately funded organization, CAMPFIRE CIRCLE donors make thousands of life-changing experiences possible for Campers throughout the year, all across Ontario.

Simple childhood joys like friendships, birthday parties, or sports teams are left behind in the need for medical appointments, hospital stays, and long absences from school. CAMPFIRE CIRCLE (formerly Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium) offer a hopeful journey, where kids with cancer can just be kids, and families connect with a community of strength and support when they need it the most.

We are much more than a summer camp—we offer the social cure for childhood cancer. Our camp-inspired programs deliver fun, friendship, and community to more than 1,500 kids and their families year-round, all across Ontario.

We often meet kids battling cancer on their first day of diagnosis at one of five paediatric cancer centres across Ontario. Kids, their siblings, and parents can access programs in communities close to home, or attend overnight camp, all at no charge to them. New in 2020: virtual camp programs that reach kids and families living in isolation, wherever they are.

Cancer changes a child’s life. So does camp. And so can you. Learn more at

Our Impact

Impact you can trust

We strive to ensure that every child with cancer in Ontario, and their family, has access to fun, enriching, and magical experiences—irrespective of geography, financial status, ability, and/or medical care needs.

Camp-inspired experiences offered in the hospital, the community, at home, or at camp, restore a sense of normalcy to the lives of kids and families, providing new found strength and hope.

The joy and confidence gained is a crucial aspect of our Campers’ health and wellness. Campers get the chance to meet other kids, families or even counsellors who’ve faced the same illness, had the same or similar surgery, or other meet others who know what it’s like to have a sick sibling.

At CAMPFIRE CIRCLE, we define kids by who they are, not by the disease they have—we give kids the chance to just be kids, together, and with their families.

How your gift will be used

Your gift will help us bring the healing power of fun, friendship, and self-confidence to kids and families wherever they are in their cancer journey.

Right now, only 21% of kids with cancer in Ontario, and their families, have access to camp-inspired paediatric oncology programs.

We need your help so that the remaining 79% of families affected by childhood cancer can access our programs.

Many of our donors support our mission generously throughout their lifetime. Their legacy gifts allows that relationship to continue in perpetuity, through bequests or other planned gifts, supporting Campers and their families for generations to come.

We want every child and family affected by childhood cancer in Ontario to have access—the instructions you leave behind will help that legacy—your legacy—come alive.

Legacy gifts leave a lasting legacy. Like every donation, your commitment will enrich the lives of more kids and families with magic, laughter, and fun.


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