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You can’t see it, yet it effects over 11 million of adults in Canada, this year alone. It’s completely silent, yet it’s the number one cause of lost wages and costs our economy $20.6 billion a year. It’s hard to fathom but its diagnosis and treatment is the single biggest expenditure for our healthcare system and every level of government. Yet people are suffering more, not less. Canada is the second largest consumer of opioids in the world. Emergency room and diagnostic waiting times continue to increase despite the fact opioids and traditional imaging are neither effective nor a recommended course of action.

This is the impact of Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain; acute and chronic pain caused by injury or problems with your back, neck, shoulder or nervous system. MSK pain is a leading cause of misery, lost earnings, healthcare inefficiency, opioid addiction and lost economic potential – in Canada and around the world.

As experts in MSK conditions and their treatment, chiropractors are uniquely qualified to provide solutions that reduce pain. Ensuring these skilled professionals have the best evidence-based treatment options available is the role of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF). We develop and invest in scientifically-sound, patient-centred research that advances the understanding, treatment and prevention of pain caused by MSK injury and dysfunction. Our goal is to eliminate MSK-related suffering in Canada and around the world.

That’s why we need your help!

Our Impact

For over forty-five years, CCRF has invested in Canadian-led researchers – establishing a strong reputation as our country’s trusted source for advancing MSK treatment.

Today, CCRF continues in its commitment to pain alleviation research for the benefit of patients, the advancement of healthcare and the support of the good public policy. We work closely with our national and provincial association colleagues to support high impact studies in two important ways:

  1. Twice a year we offer grants to qualified researchers. Since 2019, CCRF has awarded over $700,000 to sixteen professional teams working in critical areas, including five dynamic projects originated by Early Career Researchers (ECRs);
  2. Seed funding through our Partnership Committee for innovative pilot projects with allied health organizations and external funders. Our commitment to collaboration unlocks new opportunities, builds improved treatment access and accelerates essential advances in diagnosis, treatment and social change.

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Despite the strides being made in medical research, pain science lags far behind. That’s why CCRF has launched the Future Forward Fund – to guarantee a sustainable source of funding for Canadian MSK research for years to come.

Our goal is to raise a million dollars from people like you who want to leave a legacy that makes a difference. Your generous support will add to contributions from other organizations to build a strong and sustainable investment pool that will guarantee chiropractic research will continue to flourish.

Leaving a gift in your will to the CCRF’s Future Forward Fund has the power to relieve suffering. To shape public policy. And change the trajectory of public health care for the better. Join us to improve lives through exceptional research.

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