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About Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton (CAFH) was founded in 1990 as a registered charitable organization to raise funds for the children and youth being cared for by the Halton Children’s Aid Society (Halton CAS). Funds raised allow the Halton CAS to provide additional services that enhance their social work and enrich the lives of abused and neglected children and youth living in Halton. The Halton CAS receives basic funding from the provincial government to provide food, shelter and basic necessities to the children and youth in its care. Extra-curricular activities, post-secondary education and the additional needs of children and youth not in foster care but still receiving support services from Halton CAS, are not funded by the government.

Our Impact

Our Youth in Care are the future of this community; the Halton CAS and CAFH must act as their parents. We fund crucial programs that help youth overcome negative experiences, focus on their strengths, learn new skills, and better prepare them for adult life. Experienced staff and volunteers work closely with youth to establish resources and partnerships both locally and throughout the province, to build stronger connections as they age out of the child welfare system. Programs that prepare for issues such as budgeting; peer pressure; healthy nutrition; applying for post-secondary programs, etc. are offered either individually or in group settings with volunteers acting as mentors. Youth are encouraged to reach for their dreams and set out on the path to success. These programs are helping to keep our youth in school, while assisting them in overcoming emotional, social and medical issues in order to graduate, look towards a fresh start and a brighter future. No one needs hope more than our youth, and youth who have experienced abuse and neglect need that hope more than ever. We’ve learned that introducing youth to programs early in life helps them through a very vulnerable time in their lives.

How your gift will be used

When youth are provided with opportunities to discover their strengths and develop their skills the whole world opens up for them. At Halton CAS and CAFH we consider ourselves the caregivers and role models of the youth who require services. As responsible and caring “parents” we want to give “our” youth the same opportunities that their peers in society receive. The chance to participate, to fail safely and try again, to succeed, to flourish and thrive, is what we strive to offer. A legacy gift would be used to help sustain the vital and life changing programs that we provide for “our” children and youth.

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