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With compassion and courage, recovery from mental illness and addiction disorders is possible.

With support from kind people like you, Coast Mental Health has been helping people in the Lower Mainland find that courage since 1972.

Coast Mental Health is an established leader in its field, known for high-quality, innovative programs and research that bridge the gap between hospitals and the wider community.

People living with mental health challenges can thrive in our communities if they are given the right resources: housing, support services, and employment and education opportunities.

Our approach is client-focused and community-based. The people we serve – our clients – take the lead in their recovery, working side-by-side with Coast’s team to set goals and decide which services and programs will best help them meet these goals.


Home is where recovery begins. Coast Mental Health connects people living with chronic mental illness or addictions with secure housing as an essential part of their recovery.


Through our support services, we help clients build on their strengths, access existing government and community resources, manage their health, and live richer lives. Because no two paths to recovery are alike, Coast provides each client with a unique combination of resources tailored to their needs.


Employment boosts self-confidence, adds meaning to our lives, and gives financial independence. Returning to work or education can be both a milestone in recovery, and a pathway to a better future. Coast provides an array of opportunities for those that are ready to pursue employment.

Our Impact

Coast Mental Health cares for thousands of people a year across the Lower Mainland in British Columbia. We provide housing, outreach, affordable meals, employment + training opportunities, and support services like Peer Support and Brain Training.

But we can’t do this incredibly important work without kind people like you.

You make it possible.

Bridgid’s Story: One Story of Impact

Bridgid is a young adult living in Maple Ridge, BC. Diagnosed with extreme depression and anxiety due to trauma, she found support through a Coast Outreach Worker, Ainsleigh.

Ainsleigh plays a vital role in guiding young adults like Bridgid through the complex systems of care in British Columbia, advocating tirelessly on their behalf.

She is working to find housing and specialized mental health support for Bridgid.

“Working with Coast is great though, because even if I don’t have a counsellor right now, I have Ainsleigh. So I’m not on my own,” says Bridgid.

This program is critical in helping young adults find the supports they need to thrive in the community. It is only made possible through the generosity of kind people like you.

“I’m good now. I’m stable. Coast has really helped me.” – Brigid

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With a gift in your Will to Coast Mental Health Foundation, you can ensure people living with mental illness in BC can receive the support they need, when they need it.

Your generosity will fund the future of community-based mental health in BC.

It will support enhanced and innovative programs that would otherwise not be possible to offer, such as our ground-breaking Cognitive Rehabilitation program: a unique combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Remediation, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Brain Training, Games and more.

Cognitive Rehabilitation is already making a tangible difference to hundreds of people’s lives today.

People like Aaron:

“Without Brain Training, I’d probably be way more isolated and more depressed. And I would let fear take over, like I’d think all these different things. Like ’I’m kind of afraid to do this or that’ and now I’m just like, just go for it.”

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will help fund the next generation of innovations so that folks living with mental illness can continue to thrive in our communities.

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