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Our Mission: To sustainably support community needs in Mississauga by building partnerships with donors and stakeholders to establish endowed and other related funds. These funds maximize our community impact as we identify and understand community needs, and invest in solutions.

As a Community Foundation, we:

  • bring donors to the table as community builders. We help them formulate and realize their philanthropic goals, and match their interests and concerns with community needs and organizations. This allows us to find innovative and responsible ways to give their investments a lasting impact.
  • take the broadest view of what a community is and what it needs to succeed. Our grants support everything from shelter, sustenance and care for those most in need, to recreation, the arts, and the environment.
  • take the long-term view for our communities. We identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in sustainable solutions. This helps our communities become resilient, resourceful, and ready for the future they want.

The Community Foundation of Mississauga works with donors to create their charitable legacy. No matter the gift size, our donors are helping to create a permanent endowment for the community, with the investment earnings distributed to the broadest range of charitable initiatives in the community.

We are not the object of a donor’s philanthropy but rather, we are providing donors with the information, resources and tools to accomplish their charitable goals.

Our Impact

The Community Foundation is fortunate to have the support of dedicated fund holders and donors and the impact of our work is profound. Since we began making grants to charities across Mississauga in 2006, our total funds granted to programs and charities has reached over $20 million. Grants are awarded to a wide variety of programs that include shelter and sustenance, children and youth, health, education and the environment, as well as arts, culture and heritage.

Vital Signs® Reports is a community checkup conducted by community foundations across Canada, including ours, that measures the vitality of our communities and identifies significant trends in a range of areas critical to quality of life. The Mississauga Vital Signs® report informs, inspires and focuses your attention on the vitality of Mississauga. It is part of our ongoing commitment to understanding the priorities and experiences of our community.

As a guide for philanthropy, this report helps:

  •  donors target their giving to critical issues and areas of unmet need.
  •  grant seekers with access to vital research supporting their proposals.
  •  inform grantmaking and partnership building to create new opportunities and solutions.

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The Community Foundation of Mississauga

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How your gift will be used

Personalized giving:  Our experienced and knowledgeable volunteers and staff  share a deep commitment to the well-being of the community. They help find the best charitable organizations to fit each donor’s interests, and help donors and their advisors structure a donor directed fund to satisfy their specific charitable objectives.

Responsible financial management: Gifts to the community foundation become part of a lasting endowment. Capital is expertly and responsibly managed in a balanced portfolio, with available distributions used to fund charitable activities while at the same time ensuring a measure of protection against erosion by inflation. Funds are invested with experienced managers and performance is reviewed regularly. The foundation’s financial position is evaluated annually by an independent audit. These safeguards ensure capital will be preserved and distributions will be maximized over time.

Faithful to donor intent: We provide a flexible vehicle for donors with a variety of philanthropic interests. The foundation keeps in close contact with local community organizations, and its broad perspective and local knowledge assures that grants will always be targeted where they can do the most good.

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