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The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island (CFPEI) is an incorporated, charitable organization that provides a ‘user-friendly’ vehicle for donors to create endowment funds to support charitable activities. Income generated from these investments is directed through grants and scholarships to support a wide range of diverse needs in Prince Edward Island communities. Because of the permanent nature of these endowments, income is available for now and generations to come.

The endowment fund allows the donor to leave a memorial legacy to meet their charitable interests in perpetuity, at minimum cost and maximum convenience. Since its incorporation, the Foundation has worked with donors to establish close to 110 endowment funds with a current value of almost $15 million – thus enabling over $500,000 in annual granting!

Our Impact

As we look back on 2020, we recognize how truly extraordinary it was.  The charitable sector faced unprecedented challenges, and our generous donors rose to the occasion, as our investment in long-term capital provided stability through difficult times.

With the help of our incredible supporters, we were able to grant well over a half million dollars back into our community, providing much needed assistance to some of the most vulnerable citizens from tip to tip across Prince Edward Island.  We were honoured that our donors trusted us to manage their gifts, ensuring the timely distribution of funds to where they were needed most.

Since its inception in 1993, The Community Foundation has granted more than $4 million back into our community to worthy community projects and individual scholarships!

How your gift will be used

  • By leaving your bequest to The Community Foundation of PEI, you are assured that your gift’s purpose will be matched with the most pressing needs of the day, today but also tomorrow.
  • It wouldn’t be possible for you to personally vet all non-profits in Prince Edward Island. Entrusting The CFPEI with managing your donation ensures that it will have the greatest impact on the development and the well-being of your community.
  • You can be as specific or flexible as you wish in your instructions – providing general areas of support or individual non-profit organizations. These instructions can also be easily modified during your lifetime, without having to revise your entire Will.
  • CFPEI is forever. You can choose to create a permanent fund which will support the causes you care about in perpetuity – or a short-term fund to provide immediate funding in your name. The choice is yours but either way, the CFPEI will be there to translate your vision into action.
  • If you are creating a Donor Advised Fund through your Will, the gift can be structured in detail in advance, with an advisory committee composed of trusted friends and family members who will help bring your philanthropic legacy to life.
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The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island Inc.

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890011190 RR0001

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Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island (PEI) website 902-892-3440

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