Community Legal Education Association (Manitoba) Incorporated

Community Benefit, Education


Our mandate is to provide legal information and education programs to Manitobans. Our programs help people better understand the law, our legal system and how to solve their legal problems.

 Core Programs:

  • Law Phone-In & Lawyer Referral Program
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Community Legal Intermediary Training Courses
  • Annual Law Conference
  • Publication Production and Distribution
  • Website
  • Schools Programs

Projects – Workplace Sexual Harassment Hotline and Workshops, Senior Abuse Project

Law Phone-In & Lawyer Referral Program – two staff lawyers provide legal information and summary advice. The staff lawyers can also refer callers to law related agencies or, if appropriate, can provide a referral to a lawyer. Lawyers on our referral panel can provide an initial free consultation of up to half an hour.

Speakers Bureau – a panel of speakers deliver presentations to community groups, agencies, and schools.

Community Legal Intermediary Training Courses – provide intermediaries with basic knowledge about law and our legal system and relevant resources.

Annual Law Conference – each February we hold a law conference featuring a different topic each year.

Publication production and distribution – we produce and distribute plain language legal publications on a variety of topics.

Website – Our website has information for self-represented litigants, a variety of publications, over 600 FAQs on various topics, a section for schools and over 30 videos.

School Programs – we have resources for teachers including case summaries, and lesson plans, and can arrange presentations.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Project – includes a toll-free hot-line, e-mail address, brochures, and presentations for service providers, and the general public. A lawyer staffs the hot-line, answers calls and provides information, summary advice and referrals to lawyers and resources.

Senior Abuse Project – we will be providing information and organizing presentations on elder abuse.

Our Impact

We have been providing legal information and education services to Manitobans for over 36 years.


We arrange 50 presentations every year on a variety of topics. This includes our annual Law Conference, our Community Legal Intermediary Training courses and presentations for community groups and schools. During COVID-19 we are using Zoom for our presentations.


We have over 90 plain language legal publications, many available in both English and French. Every year we send out thousands of publications.


Our website has over 600 Frequently Asked Questions, a section for youth & schools, a section for self-represented litigants and a wealth of other information, including over 30 videos. Every year tens of thousands of people visit our website and watch our videos.

Law Phone-In & Lawyer Referral

Our staff lawyers answer over 8,000 calls and e-mails every year. They help people understand the law.  They also explain peoples’ options.  If someone needs representation, they can refer them to a lawyer.  The first consultation with that lawyer (up to half an hour) is free.

Total calls and e- mails since the program began is over 405,000.

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