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The population in the Comox Valley is growing. Young families are moving in. Schools and workplaces are rejuvenating. Retirees – many young, vibrant, engaged – are choosing to live here. Like never before, our community is teaming with life.

Some 71,000 people have made a home here in the Comox Valley, together. We share the assumption – the hope, even – that we will continue to have one critical, foundational, sustaining thing: our health.

The ageing and growing have implications on our healthcare system. Never before has it been so important to affect our healthcare system – our lives – through charitable giving.  The Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation is the community arm that bridges the gap between what the government provides and the over-and-above portion that makes such a difference at the local level.

We raise funds for acute care at the hospital, community health-care and long-term care.  These three areas make up our healthcare system. When you give to strengthen any area of the healthcare system, you strengthen the entire system.

When we unite toward the common goal of giving great care, we will do remarkable things together. That remarkable something for someone in long-term care might involve the care that lets them enjoy every day or the care they need to stay living in their own home, for as long as possible. For someone else, it will mean walking out of the hospital – in each case, knowing that not only did the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers have their back, but the community did too. You did.

Our Impact

“There’s no better way to help everyone in the community than to give to healthcare.” – Donor, Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation

Since 2000, nearly $15 million has been raised for healthcare, close to home. It is powerful how donors, working alongside healthcare professionals, are providing care in our community. When we unite towards the common goal of giving great care, we accomplish remarkable things together.

Since the new hospital opened in 2017, donations have funded over 60 pieces of priority medical equipment, specialized training and projects that supports our – individual and collective – health and wellbeing.

When we invest donations in healthcare such as training or leading medical technology, we do more than purchase equipment, we invest in each other, in our community. Take, for example the  Green Light Laser for treatment of an enlarged prostate that can affect one out of every two men over the age of sixty.  The purchase of the Green Light laser was possible through donations to the Foundation and almost 10 years later continues to be part of the care for about 250 men annually.

Donations enhance healthcare today, and long into the future.

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We take to heart he funds entrusted with us and manage them with the utmost care. Working closely with the healthcare leadership, we look for opportunities to direct donations in ways that deliver the highest impact.

In establishing a gift in your estate, you can give in general to healthcare or specifically how you would like your bequest to be used. For example, you can choose to direct your gift to a specific area such as the Emergency Department of Cancer Care Centre. You can identify a specific location in the hospital or one of the long-term care homes we raise funds towards. You can direct a gift to be allocated for equipment purchases, education, and/or create an endowment fund which is permanently invested and the interest each year is distributed.

We would be honoured to work with you to understand your intentions and provide information to ensure your gift is directed as per your wishes, while ensuring we understand if you would like to receive recognition during your lifetime as well as how you would like your gift acknowledged when it is received.

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