Conservation Council of New Brunswick



Protecting nature –  the land, air and water and all lives in New Brunswick.

We have been at the forefront of environmental protection in New Brunswick since 1969.

Climate Solutions – We can all do our part.

Marine Conservation – Working to keep our oceans clean.

Forest Conservation – Preserving forests for future generations.

Freshwater Protection – Clean lakes, rivers and streams.

Learning Outside – Inspiring children outside.

Buy Local NB –Supporting our local businesses.

The support we receive from members is a major source of funding, protecting our independence as New Brunswick’s longest-running voice for the environment. We are dependent on support from donors like you to allow us to take a non-partisan stance on very important issues that effect all of us.

Our Impact

Creating Awareness

From working to stop the dumping of raw sewage into the Wolastoq (St. John River),securing protections for groundwater and drinking water, to more recent campaigns to educate communities about the risks of hydraulic fracturing, the potential damage to tourism and fisheries from a west-to-east export pipeline, and researching the physical and mental health effects of climate change and the extreme weather it fuels, our organization strives to be a source of community, action and change in New Brunswick.

  • The Conservation Council remains the leading advocate for sensible public policy and smart public education about the global crisis.
  • Researching the fields of environmental education and communications, and the sociology of climate change, energy diversification, and energy literacy.
  • Our Fundy Baykeeper is joining Waterkeepers all over North America to get governments to enforce laws against polluters and support sustainable fisheries.
  • Organizing letter writing campaigns including one to protect N.B.’s Crown forests, end large-scale clearcuts, protect habitat for deer, wildlife and recreation, and stop the practice of glyphosate spraying.
  • Reaching over 2000 students in outdoor classrooms each year with our Learning Outside Program.
  • Maintaining the “Buy Local NB”  website to promote local farmers and businesses.




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Conservation Council of New Brunswick Inc.

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How your gift will be used

Your gift will enable us to continue to educate and inform the public and government representatives about the environmental issues that are important to New Brunswickers.  We have learned what it takes to win: research, outreach, nimble pivots, and steadfast commitment to keep at it until we get what is needed. This is what your Conservation Council, our province’s longest-standing environmental advocate, brings to the table.

  • Engaging thousands of citizens, volunteers, teachers, experts and officials to help us advocate to protect the province we call home.
  • Making New Brunswick’s beautiful beaches, rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands, a central focus as we push for better laws to protect them.
  • Protecting citizens’ health and safety in the face of climate change.
  • Safeguarding our irreplaceable biodiversity along coastlines, and in forests, rivers, lakes and streams.
  • Developing outdoor curriculum-linked activities and engaging children in learning outside with the birds singing, snow crunching underfoot, or puddle jumping along a trail. 
  • Encouraging New Brunswickers to support their local farmers and businesses to reduce our carbon footprint and help the local economies. 

With your support we will be able to increase the pressure on government to build the New Brunswick we need and deserve.



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