Putting health in the hands of mothers in Africa

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief

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CPAR was born from Hope.

It was the HOPE that the unimaginable suffering of the Ethiopian people during the famine of the early 1980s could be relieved in some small part by the work of a small group of Canadian doctors.

It was SUSTAINED by a commitment to do the work to ensure that history of hunger, disease and environmental degradation would not be repeated in Ethiopia and other African countries.

It CONTINUES because while much has been accomplished, still more must be done. Working alongside the people we serve, and with the expertise of African professionals, we invest in and empower communities to put health and hope in their hands.

Our Impact

A Continuum of Caring

From birth to adulthood, CPAR’s projects in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania provide vital support and resources in every step of the human journey:

  • Ensuring mothers-to-be get the vital prenatal care that results in healthy babies and healthy mothers.
  • Equipping children and their families with the tools and education to safeguard their health through sanitation, clean, safe water, bed nets, and the knowledge to grow sustainable, healthy food.
  • Empowering women and adolescent girls to understand their rights and can choose to sustain and enrich their futures by exercising autonomy over their bodies
  • Providing stable, accessible and knowledgeable care by strengthening the health systems which support the community through all the stages of life.

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Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief selects its projects in Malawi, Ethiopia and Tanzania based on a simple question: Where best can our efforts support the local people, their health and their health systems, and make sustaining change for the better?

Your support for CPAR will continue our 35+ years of work alongside the people we serve. We believe in providing necessary health infrastructure, which can be as simple (and life-saving) as clean water, or as complex as providing ultrasounds for mothers-to-be in rural Ethiopia.

Your support will make significant and sustainable progress in putting health in the hands of those who need it most.

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