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When you give to Daily Bread Food Bank you help ensure everyone’s right to food is realized. 

Founded in 1983, Daily Bread Food Bank has grown to become one of Canada’s largest food banks distributing fresh and shelf-stable food, and fresh-cooked meals to 126 member agencies and 189 food programs across Toronto. 

With the support of caring donors, Daily Bread runs innovative programs to support people living on low income and experiencing food insecurity.   

Through its research and advocacy, Daily Bread has become a key thought leader locally, provincially, and nationally on issues about hunger, life on low income, housing, and income security. 

Daily Bread’s annual Who’s Hungry Report is the go-to resource for media, government, and the non-profit sector, combining solid data and analysis about poverty in Toronto. 

At Daily Bread, we believe that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege and that no one should go hungry or face barriers to accessing food.  

More than a food bank.  

In addition to connecting people to food programs in a low-barrier way, Daily Bread’s Information & Referral Services team connects clients to additional benefits that could supplement their income, assist with employment and affordable housing, and other supports. It has become a lifeline for clients. 

Daily Bread’s Farm to Food Bank Program works directly with farmers across Ontario to provide food-insecure communities with access to fresh and nutritious produce, while at the same time, helping the environment by diverting naturally imperfect produce from ending up in landfills. Each week, Daily Bread trucks pick up over 40,000 lbs of food, which volunteers and staff then sort and distribute to 189 food programs across the GTA. Daily Bread’s kitchen also uses surplus produce to create hearty soups and casseroles for meal programs in our network. 

Daily Bread Food Bank is proud to be a Charity Intelligence 2020 Top 100 Rated Charity and is accredited by Imagine Canada.

Our Impact

Since COVID-19 hit Toronto in March 2020, Daily Bread Food Bank has had a singular focus: to ensure safe and uninterrupted food delivery to everyone experiencing food insecurity in our city. We could not have done this without caring and committed donors like you. 

Daily Bread’s network significantly expanded during COVID. In just nine months, 22 new food banks were developed to meet the growing need of the city. 

Our network of agencies now serves an average of 110,000 client visits per month – nearly one-third of whom are children and youth – up from an average of 68,000 in 2019. If current usage rates continue, it is projected that Toronto food banks will see 1.4 million visits in 2021, the highest number ever recorded in the city’s history.  

Between July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021, Daily Bread distributed nearly 17 million lbs of food, a 31% increase compared to the fiscal year prior. At current and projected usage rates, Daily Bread is forecasting that it will distribute 19M lbs of food this fiscal year – almost double what was distributed before the pandemic.  

 You can read more about the impact you made possible here.

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How your gift will be used

After taking care of your loved ones, your decision to leave a gift in your Will to Daily Bread Food Bank is an exceptional way to show your commitment to your neighbours and the community you love so much.  

Making a future gift to Daily Bread Food Bank means you acknowledge the deep-rooted issues of poverty and food insecurity that impact your community today and shows that you care about the issues your neighbours – perhaps even friends – may face tomorrow. 

A gift in your Will allows you to leave a larger gift than might be possible during your lifetime. Your legacy will be to: 

  • maintain safe and uninterrupted food delivery to an ever-increasing number of people facing food insecurity.  
  • help identify, quantity, and amplify the voices of those experiencing food insecurity. 
  • help advance policy solutions to end poverty and food insecurity. 

You can count on us to ensure everyone’s right to food is realized. 

Contact Andrew Clendinneng at aclendinneng@dailybread.ca to learn more about what you can help make possible. 

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