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Food For The Poor Canada (FFPC) works with communities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through five areas of programming: food, housing, education, health and income-generating projects. We respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and natural disasters through our extensive network of partners in the region.

Food For The Poor Canada responds to the urgent needs of communities by providing food, clean water, and access to healthcare. We build social infrastructure to support long term needs: homes, medical clinics, schools, income-generating projects and community centres.

FFPC’s impact is exponentially magnified because of two unique distinguishing factors. First, we use a network of strong partners who have a long history of impact in the communities we serve, with effective and accountable distribution and project management. Our relationships with our partner countries’ governments, NGO’s, churches, local organizations and communities allow us to better understand the most urgent requirements and strengthen infrastructure in high-need communities in the countries we work with. Second, FFPC is the Canadian affiliate of Food For The Poor Inc., one of the largest charities working in the region, and we benefit from economies of scale in purchasing, partnerships and reach.

Our Impact

Food For The Poor is one of the most efficient and responsive aid organizations in the region. Over the last 12 years our Canadian donors have provided:

  • 158 homes for families
  • 34 schools for early childhood students
  • 3 villages in Haiti to increase access to housing and income generation, community building and education.
  • Community centres and vocational agricultural schools; supported coffee farmers, beekeepers and women’s empowerment training; supported scholarships and vocational training to increase opportunities for individuals and communities.

We have distributed $41,000,000 in food, educational, and medical supplies to communities across the region. We have supported school lunch programs and learning tools, stocked local hospitals with medicines and medical supplies, distributed needed items to orphanages, seniors’ homes, prisons, churches, community centers, and provided families with life-saving supplies through challenging times.

During the pandemic in 2020, we provided 7.8 million meals for families unable to afford food.  FFPC also provided PPE and other medical necessities to keep health care workers safe. Our emergency response and preparedness programs ensure that supplies are with in-country partners in advance of an emergency. Our network of 17 country partners give us an existing distribution system to the most vulnerable communities.

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Legal Name

Food For The Poor of Canada, Inc.

Charity Number

890759970 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Your planned gift will create an impact in your area of choice: education, housing, health, food security, livelihood and emergency response. We will work with you to identify the program that is best aligned with your philanthropic goals.

A planned gift can support:

  • Education to build schools, resource centers and playgrounds, provide scholarships and fill classrooms with essential learning materials
  • Housing to build secure homes for families across the Caribbean with sanitation and water components to ensure health and stability.
  • Health initiatives to ship and distribute pharmaceuticals and medical machinery, hospital beds and medical supplies to hospitals and health clinics across the region; build water wells, water collection systems and ensure access to clean water.
  • Food distribution to support feeding programs in communities that lack access to food and provide emergency food support during times of crisis
  • Income generation projects, supporting agricultural training centers, vocational schooling, working with farmers, skill training, agriculture and more, depending on the communities needs and strengths.
  • Emergency preparedness to assist when natural disasters strike.

Food For The Poor Canada works with Canadians to provide basic needs and essential infrastructure creating prosperous communities in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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