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At FoodShare, we believe everyone deserves access to affordable, fresh, nutritious food. A leader in the food movement since 1985, we focus on food justice by working to dismantle oppressive structures that hold poverty and food insecurity in place. To that end, we collaborate with and take our cue from those most affected by poverty and food insecurity—Black, Indigenous, people of colour, people with disabilities. Together, we’re working to advance food justice by supporting community-based food initiatives, and through ongoing advocacy and public education. We envision a Toronto where everyone can feed themselves, their loved ones and their communities with dignity and joy.

Our Impact

Each year, FoodShare reaches 200,000 people through collaborative, community-led programs and initiatives. We partner with local leaders in the communities where we work who are passionate about advancing the right to food for all through projects such as:

  • Providing subsidized fresh produce access in low-income communities — primarily in neighbourhoods where residents identify as Black and/or people of colour
  • Offering Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) youth a paid agricultural training program where they get hands-on farming experience, grow food that stays within the local community and are encouraged as emerging local food systems leaders
  • Delivering fun, food-based education workshops to children and adults and facilitating engaging conversations around food justice for people of ages
  • Supporting a citywide network of community gardens through sharing resources and training
  • Sharing our institutional resources with grassroots groups, working together and learning from each other as we build a collective movement towards a resilient, equitable food system
  • Public education and advocacy that centres the views and needs of folks who experience food insecurity, and pushes for solutions that are rooted in food justice and equity

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