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The IRCM is a unique biomedical research institute where internationally renowned researchers and clinicians collaborate under one roof.

Medical research that advances cutting-edge therapies and care is at an important turning point in its history. More than ever, the hope of overcoming serious and debilitating diseases is tangible, with the promising prospects of precision and personalized medicine.

A jewel of Québec’s scientific excellence, the IRCM plays an important role alongside the best research institutes around the world.  Discover the IRCM in images!

Together, the IRCM’s research teams cover most of the major diseases of our time.

Our Impact

The IRCM Foundation leads fundraising initiatives to support the Montreal Clinical Research Institute and its researchers in advancing cutting-edge research.  We are at the forefront of funding a scientific space whose positive impacts on health, training of young researchers, and Quebec’s vibrant research sector are all invaluable.

The IRCM Foundation supports three main sectors of intervention:

  • Catalyzing health research by supporting researchers
  • Equipping researchers to accelerate discoveries
  • Igniting passions by training the next generation

The power to give research the capacity it needs to improve lives of all is in your hands. Your support enables our researchers to accelerate our understanding of diseases and improve how they are treated.

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Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) Foundation

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118929041 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Your commitment accelerates the discovery of treatments.

In one way or another, illness affects us all. Your commitment to the IRCM Foundation directly contributes to cutting-edge research funding that targets the major diseases affecting our lives. The contribution of IRCM researchers in this regard is both major and recognized worldwide by the scientific community. Your commitment helps them go further, faster.

Your contribution improves patients’ quality of life

By collaborating with our patient-partners, we bring research closer to the reality of their lives, fostering a better understanding of disease and accelerating the control or cure that leads to their wellness.

Your investment is long-lasting

A donation to the IRCM Foundation is more than just supporting research. Your investment in the Institute is part of an integrated approach that promotes the exchange and sharing of knowledge, which speeds up the discovery of prevention methods and treatments. The ultimate impact of your contribution is to improve the economic and overall health of the entire population.


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