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Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan has a long history as a local literacy organization that offers free literacy services to adults and families.

Since 1979 we have provided adult tutoring services with the help of trained volunteers and community partners. Today we have expanded to offer adult, family, children’s, and financial literacy programs, as well as literacy facilitator trainings and resources.

Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan’s Vision:

A community that values, promotes, and supports literacy.

Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan’s Mission:

Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan advances literacy and learning through the work of staff, trained volunteers, and community partners.

  • We believe everyone has the right to learn, regardless of age.
  • We believe strong literacy skills are not attained by chance.
  • We believe communities have a right to responsive and effective literacy programs.
  • We believe lifelong learning habits contribute to strong and resilient communities.
  • We believe our own cultural perspectives are limited and therefore we will not make assumptions about the experiences and cultural expressions of others.

Our Impact

Strong literacy skills are foundational; all other skills depend on them.

Literacy is one of the most important skills people and communities have, to make significant social change, yet one-third of Saskatchewan residents struggle with literacy daily. The acquisition of literacy skills helps lift earning potential and expand labour mobility; it reduces poverty and inequality; it builds individual self-esteem and capability; it contributes to family and community well-being; and, it lays the groundwork for sustained economic growth in our city and province.

Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan’s responsive literacy programming provides hope to adults and families that are struggling. Foundations helps people recognize skills they already have and works with them to build on those skills. It provides them with tools that empower them to: have more confidence, more fully participate in the community, build better lives for themselves and their families, improve health outcomes, and attain better jobs and
enhanced educational opportunities.

For Foundations Learning & Skills Saskatchewan, building community is a means to increase individual wellbeing and opportunities, health and safety, social justice, financial security, and career and employment opportunities. Foundations’ work in the community promotes self-actualization: the full realization or fulfillment of one’s potential.

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In Saskatchewan, one-third of adults struggle with literacy. Saskatchewan adults who scored in the two lowest literacy skill levels, 34 percent have not completed high school and 65 percent are unemployed.

COVID has hit Saskatchewan families and individuals hard. Literacy is a much-needed skill to navigate all the health information, manage employment gaps, help children with schoolwork, and ensure financial security for families.

The adults, families, and children we serve have been especially hard hit. Each year we work with thousands of individuals that have the courage to ask for help, that want to make a change, and our shocking increase in client numbers over the past six months tells us we need to be ready for the fall and the next several years to help them recover.

Your donation ensures our literacy programs remain free to the community.

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