Galiano Conservancy Association



Established in 1989, the Galiano Conservancy Association’s primary purpose is to protect, steward and restore Galiano Island ecosystems by creating a network of natural areas where a healthy environment, learning and a love of nature flourish.

The GCA accomplishes this by:

  • Protecting and restoring Galiano’s natural ecosystems.
  • Owning and holding covenants on protected areas.
  • Providing nature-based learning experiences to people of all ages, to improve ecological awareness and foster environmental leadership.
  • Promoting land and water stewardship.
  • Researching and implementing effective, sustainable and sound methods for environmental management.
  • Demonstrating sustainable living practices that reduce our ecological footprint, including mitigating and adapting to climate change.
  • Securing the funds and assistance required to own, protect and restore land on Galiano Island.

The GCA is a grassroots organization with a diverse membership and a committed staff and Board of Directors who help carry out its purposes. Throughout its history, the Conservancy has worked cooperatively with local landowners, indigenous peoples and residents as well as local, national and international organizations. The Galiano Conservancy will continue to build on its achievements and work for the enduring benefit of the local environment and community.

Our Impact

Through covenants and land purchases, the Conservancy restored and protected more than 2000 acres of land on Galiano Island, in one of the most ecologically sensitive areas of BC.

Some of our current projects include the restoration of ecosystems around Mount Sutil, Pebble Beach, Laughlin Lake and the Millard Learning Centre (MLC) and the management of our overabundant deer population.

The MLC, a “living laboratory” for ecological restoration, sustainable food production and small-scale, renewable energy generation, features a compost ‘hotspot’, a native plant nursery, the Nuts’a’maat Forage Forest, a permaculture food forest and a “net-zero” grid-tied solar array.

We are also renowned for our environmental education programs. Our K-12 programs help youth build lifelong memories through nature exploration. Our post-secondary programs provide the skills necessary to pursue environmental careers through field experience, courses, internships and volunteer opportunities. Our adult programs focus on community, skills-building, environmental stewardship and climate action, under the guidance of experts and indigenous leaders.

Our One Island, One Earth project determined Galiano Island’s ecological footprint based on transportation, food, buildings & stationary energy, consumables & waste, water and biocapacity data. These findings will help us all better understand how to reduce our environmental impact.

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