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Gonzaga Middle School (GMS) is an innovative, tuition-free, independent middle school serving Winnipeg’s inner city. GMS provides an enhanced, holistic, and culturally sensitive educational experience coupled with an extended multi-year commitment to the continued success of students though high school and post-secondary studies. Gonzaga Middle School’s work with students, families, and the communities we serve continues to be guided by our commitment to reconciliation and the TRC’s Calls to Action.

GMS empowers underserved children from low-income neighbourhood families to develop to their full potential while accompanying them on their educational journey from middle school through high school and beyond. GMS supports students breaking the cycle of poverty by providing a middle school program with wrap around supports and extended learning time and then continuing to follow and support GMS graduates’ success in their chosen high school and post-secondary programs.

Gonzaga Middle School lowers barriers to educational advancement through its strong academic program, individualized and levelled group instruction, longer school day, before and after school programming, extended school year (including summer camp weeks), and Graduate Support program. The nutrition program, transportation to and from school, one-to-one technology and other student supports all contribute to reducing learning obstacles.

Our Impact

The grade 6-8 in-school program at GMS is the intervention piece and foundation for future educational success, establishing strong positive relationships with students and families, helping students develop good work and life habits, inspiring hope, and promoting their socio-emotional growth. The Graduate Support Program is the sustaining piece helping to maintain positive academic trajectories through high school and post-secondary studies. GMS also helps to build a resilient community by empowering families to positively change their life circumstances through education.

All GMS students are from economically disadvantaged families, with many Indigenous and New Canadian families continuing to deal with inter-generational trauma and family dislocation. GMS positively impacts students’ academic trajectories while developing significant leadership skills and social capital. When students begin at GMS, they are on average two grade levels below grade level in reading and over two grade levels behind in Mathematics. When they graduate and begin high school, they are, on average, at or above grade level in reading and at or close to grade level in Mathematics.

A focus on students maintaining high attendance both in the middle years and through high school is a key element of our programs with consistently over 90% average attendance rates.

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Legal Name

Gonzaga Middle School of Winnipeg Inc.

Charity Number

81361 3767 RR0001

How your gift will be used

Your gift to Gonzaga Middle School ensures engaging programming and services for our students and graduates, helping to change lives and fulfil potential. It will support programs such as:

  • Nutrition Program: Nutritionally balanced snacks, full breakfast and lunch daily without charge to families, raising learning readiness for all.
  • Transportation: Free of charge bus transportation to and from school to help support daily attendance.
  • After School Enrichment Activities: Extended school day expands learning experience offering students a variety of activities based on their interest.
  • School Day Enrichment and Field Trips: Expands students’ learning experiences and working vocabulary and opens their future learning and occupational horizons.
  • Graduate Support Program: Key to our innovative school model, GMS supports and follows students after graduation from middle school, through high school and post-secondary study.
  • Summer Camp Program: Helps to reduce summer learning loss, sustain and build key relationships across grade levels and between staff and students and expands all students’ learning experiences.
  • Low Teacher-to-Student Instructional Ratios: Ensure students’ learning needs are met and continuous academic progress is encouraged.
  • Student Support Program: Addresses student socio-emotional needs, encourages student hope, wellness and engagement and supports high attendance rates.

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