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Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) is a regional land trust that conserves nature on south Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands on the territories of the lək̓ʷəŋənW̱SÁNEĆSC’IȺNEW, T’Sou-ke, and Pacheedaht Nations. We envision a future where the full array of natural habitats on south Vancouver Island and southern Gulf Islands is healthy and conserved for future generations of all species.

HAT fosters community-engaged conservation, bringing individuals, groups, and communities together through working with the earth through restoration and enhancement. We help property owners establish permanent legal restrictions to protect natural habitats through our Good Neighbours program and by way of registering conservation covenants on private properties.

HAT works in partnership with local Indigenous Nations, governments and other non-profit organizations to achieve our goals. We also work with communities, schools, and individual landowners to enhance habitat protection on private land – making everyone part of the solution! Rarely, HAT accepts donations of property and purchases lands that are then placed into permanent conservation.

Our Impact

Conservation takes a community. With our local roots, HAT is able to focus our work on a very specific geography. Because of our size, HAT is a dynamic organization that can adapt quickly to the changing landscape of conservation in these territories.

Every year, more and more tourists and new residents come to our region to enjoy the mild climate and spectacular scenery. Development places ever-increasing pressure on quickly disappearing habitats. Given the important of Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, which is an ongoing process, with more people moving to the region it is important for conservation groups to be able to shapeshift to meet new needs and challenges faced by our conservation community.

Since 1996 HAT has been called on by local government and local Indigenous Nations to partner on the creation of new conservation areas, parks, and green spaces. From the Sea to Sea Green Blue Belt to (most recently) the Mountain Road Forest Project…from providing site-visits to help local property owners turn their gardens to native plant habitat, to cultivating a network of private properties that create a broad migration corridor – HAT’s focus is on conservation through partnership, and seeing the vision of our conservation community realized.

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How your gift will be used

Your bequest to HAT will be used in several ways. Supporting HAT through the Will Power program will allow us to continue our work:

  • supporting community-led conservation (building our network of Good Neighbours and Habitat Stewards, private property owners who work to restore the habitats on their property for local species),
  • enhancing and restoring habitat for local species (working with private property owners, local government, and community organizations on public and private lands to support the native ecosystems to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate),
  • outreach and community engagement programs (bringing people out on the land, working with the earth to remove invasive species and plant native species of plants – these are some of the best ways to learn about conservation and how to be a good neighbour to nature),
  • providing educational programs and hands-on experiences for youth (working with Indigenous youth groups, local schools, and provincial education programs),
  • land protection (working with individuals and families to protect their properties with conservation covenants and, when called, participating in securement of properties for the creation of new conservation areas)

Of course, your bequest will also ensure that HAT is able to remain competitive and adaptable in this competitive landscape.

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