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Hesperus Village is a senior’s residence located in Vaughan, Ontario. Established over 3 decades ago, Hesperus is a model for aging in community offering beautiful, affordable elder living where both individuals & community flourish through a caring, social, spiritual and cultural life.

Presently, home to about 100 residents, our residents come from diverse backgrounds. Through a partnership with a local shelter and CMHA York Region some of our units are assigned to help seniors that might otherwise be challenged to find a home.

Hesperus encourages interaction between the generations, people of diverse cultures, people on various spiritual paths, and those with a variety of interests, skills and talents.

This third stage of life offers the unique potential for continued development that can only emerge after having ‘experienced life’. We create caring and social environments for seniors to live and create their third act together….life-fulfilling elderhood.

Our Impact

We believe that elders benefit from aging in community. The majority of seniors do not want to go to long term care, nor would they need to, IF we had more places like Hesperus. Living, growing and sharing their lives ‘in community’, our residents find an extended family to be part of in their elder years. The arts, music, gardening, community gatherings and the co-caring models we plan to develop are what make us special and why these donations are so important.

A strong social and cultural life supports the sustained well-being of our elder residents.  We have a very strong community of resident volunteers that work in partnership with staff to develop a variety of activities for our residents all year long. A healthy lunch, made from scratch, is offered in our dining room and also offered at a subsidized rate to those that cannot afford it. A schedule of festivals and social activities, art classes and movement classes are all subsidized by donations and grants.


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Vision: To evolve a community model of life-fulfilling elderhood by cultivating what is truly human.

Mission: We provide beautiful, affordable, elder living where both individual and community  flourish through a caring, social, spiritual, and cultural life.

Hesperus Village has provided affordable housing to seniors for over 35 years. However, Hesperus offers much more than housing. It offers a loving community in and of itself, while also integrating its residents into the community at large. Among other things, residents lead and take part in social circles, volunteer, and participate in activities and events both at Hesperus Village and in the larger community. This allows them to live fulfilling lives during this third phase of life. In accordance with Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, Hesperus recognizes the value in each stage of an individual’s life. More specifically, Hesperus Village aims to restore awareness of the value of elderhood, and serve as a model for elder living. Hesperus relies on a significant amount of funding through donations. We ask that you please consider a legacy gift for Hesperus Village; any amount is greatly appreciated. 


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