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About Home Suite Hope

Home Suite Hope unites a network of vital support services for single parents and their children—to encourage and support them as they journey from poverty to stability.

Since 2004, Home Suite Hope has addressed poverty’s compounding barriers simultaneously.

In 2011, we chose to focus on homeless single-mother-led families in Halton, moving them from high-vulnerability and dependence to self-sufficiency.

In 2014, we replicated WoodGreen’s award-winning Homeward Bound Program (HBH), eventually collaborating with Sheridan College, Halton Region, Oakville Community Foundation, YMCA Oakville, and corporations.

In 2018, we restructured again, based on a York University evaluation of all programs. We discontinued some programs in favour of investing intensive resources into a smaller number of individuals in order to yield more profound results.

Of those who have graduated HBH, 100% transitioned off social assistance; 86% have full-time employment, of that 100 % earn over the Canadian median wage of $33,000, with graduates’ entry-level median being $45,000; 100% can afford market-rate rent.

In 2020 we added a Stabilizing First phase to HBH, and HBH-Youth, which serves single-mothers 17-24.




Our Impact

HBH has served 30 single parents and 52 children. Seven of our participants have already completed the full four-year program and of that 100% are no longer receiving social assistance or rental subsidies, 86% are employed full-time and of those, 100% are earning over the Canadian median income.  We have become the Halton Region’s preferred social service organization for single-parent families.

The math and statistics proving the need, as well as the success story of HSH’s programming, are hard to ignore.

The road to poverty is never the same as life can be messy. Family breakdown, abuse and violence, mental health challenges, and generational poverty are all factors that can lead a family to homelessness. Poverty travels in hand with compounding issues such as lack of affordable childcare, food insecurity and isolation, and mental health challenges. HSH’s wrap-around programming works to address these issues in addition to the education and employment components.

In Halton, homelessness is on the rise. HSH’s statistics quote 11,965 single-parent families in Halton. Eighty percent are led by women and 42 percent live in poverty, as for example, in Oakville, women earn 52 cents for every dollar earned by men.

How your gift will be used

The $48,075 total annual cost per family, is financed to the tune of $38,571 by the participant’s own resources, ie. Ontario Works, as well as local agency grants from major partners including Halton Region, the Oakville Community Foundation, YMCA of Oakville and Niagara, religious institutions, and topped up through the generosity of residents and businesses.

But there remains a nearly $10,000 annual funding gap – $9,534 to be specific – for each family’s costs over the four-year program, and HSH is looking to fill that gap every year.

Your gift will support families through housing, food security, and intensive. You will be helping to break the cycle of poverty and leave a legacy of prosperity over generations.

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