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Ignatius Jesuit Centre strives to promote systemic change through a holistic approach to human development: We nurture an appreciation of the interconnectedness of spiritual life and environmental sustainability through creative initiatives.

Loyola House offers retreats for those seeking a deeper spirituality and an ecological way of life.

Over 30 organizations, faith groups and not-for-profits book Loyola House and our grounds for events that nurture community and sustainable living.

Ignatius Old-Growth Forest Project, our 93-acres conservation easement with Ontario Farmland Trust, is an ideal site for hands-on learning about reforestation, stream rehabilitation and non-herbicidal invasive plant species control and collaborations with local environmental groups.

Ignatius Farm, our 9-acre community-shared agriculture (CSA) program, provides nourishing fresh produce to 250 households, local businesses and food security agencies and trains new farmers. The Farm supports over 200 community garden plots and rents acreage to small farm businesses.

We foster an ecological way of life, for the healing of the world through:

  • nurturing a deeper spirituality in people, leading to inner freedom
  • providing a welcoming space for individual and communal discernment and education
  • engaging people in land and stream restoration
  • promoting, teaching and engaging people in the sustainable production of local food

Our Impact

Ignatius Jesuit Centre is a place of peace, beauty and sustenance where nature gives strength to mind, body and soul. Since 1964 Loyola House welcomes people of all faiths to deepen their spirituality through retreats and training. The Spiritual Exercises by Ignatius of Loyola are the foundation of Ignatian Spirituality. We have gained international recognition for our adaptation of the Exercises to address community, ecology and healing action for the Earth.

Community organizations enjoy the pastoral setting of our meeting facilities for contemplation and renewal. Gatherings span song-writing, mindfulness & meditation, addiction recovery, and strategic planning in education, health care, social and environmental justice.

“Through ecological restoration we can restore our own connection to the natural world.” Our 93-acre conservation easement in partnership with Ontario Farmland Trust protects our naturalization of former pastureland and the associated wetlands and cold water creek in perpetuity.  Amidst rapid urbanization, we are helping to ensure a local green zone.

Our 9-acre organic vegetable farm models community-shared regenerative farm that mentors growers and invites the surrounding community to participate in agriculture. Over 1000 people enjoy fresh, certified organic produce as members, restaurateurs or through local service agencies and farmers markets.

How your gift will be used

We invite you to create a legacy that will sustain the next generation.

“The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ

Your legacy gift will inspire hope in the global quest to transform our relationship with Creation by supporting a deeper spiritual inner freedom that will cultivate an ecological way of life. Your gift will foster community by sustaining a welcoming space for individual and communal discernment and education.

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