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Amplifying Ingenium’s Mission

The Ingenium Foundation is a major champion for advancing scientific literacy and inspiring innovators across Canada. We amplify all aspects of Ingenium’s mission which includes giving Canadians an opportunity to celebrate our country’s rich history of scientific discoveries.

The Ingenium Family

Unique in the world of museums, Ingenium supports three sites in Canada’s capital city that include renowned collections, a state-of-the-art research centre as well as an active airstrip, a working farm and a locomotive shop.

The Ingenium Family includes;

  • Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
  • Canada Aviation and Space Museum
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum
  • Ingenium Centre – Research, Collection Care, Library and Archives

Inspiring Ingenuity Across Canada

Canada has a long legacy of brilliant scientists, explorers and innovators. Ingenium’s Family and collections are based in our nation’s capital and we are honoured to welcome visitors from across Canada and the world.

However, Ingenium’s is able to inspire Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Even in the most remote communities a love of science is shared is through; educational resource kits, travelling exhibitions, virtual workshops and field trips, specialized science education training for elementary teachers and more. And, with critical resources provided by the Ingenium Foundation many of these offerings can be provided free of charge for those that require additional support.

Our Impact

Our mantra is ‘Science For All’

At the Ingenium Foundation, this means every Canadian, regardless of their background, gender identity, education, location, physical, cognitive and financial abilities should feel empowered and valued in shaping the future of scientific knowledge, understanding and practice.

Simply put – science is for everyone!

Like many great innovators, our passion for science and commitment to inspiring others goes well beyond the resources at hand. Through the generosity of our donors, the Ingenium Foundation is able to provide the added fuel Ingenium needs in order to continue to offer the most innovative, exciting, accessible and inclusive programming – to every Canadian. Whether that be through covering shipping costs for travelling exhibits, providing virtual workshops free of charge or funding accessibility initiatives for our historical collections – the Ingenium Foundation wants to ensure every Canadian can see themselves in science.

See what your legacy could be

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Legal Name

Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation Foundation (operating as the Ingenium Foundation)

Charity Number

821123619 RR 0001

How your gift will be used

Through the Ingenium Foundation you can choose to leave a legacy gift in support of the museum or collection that is most meaningful to you and your loved ones. You can also designate your legacy gift to one of the foundation’s four priorities – Ingenuity, Accessibility, Inclusion and Sustainability – each with the goal of providing future generations with a lifelong love of learning and scientific inspiration.

Ultimately, your legacy gift to the Ingenium Foundation can;

Empower Ingenuity

Empower Canada’s science educators, advocates and future innovators through training and skills development, providing tools and resources, best practice sharing opportunities and bursaries.

Energize Accessibility

Energize and support creative scientific engagement innovations designed to inspire scientific discovery and learning for Canadians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Amplify Inclusion

Enrich the diversity of Canada’s scientific history and future by supporting initiatives that amplify the contributions and voices of those which have been mostly ignored.

Boost Sustainability

Provide a boost of resources needed to ensure Canada’s national science museums and their world class collections are well cared for and accessible to all Canadians.

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