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Interval House of Hamilton has been part of the Hamilton community for 35 years. Our Mission: Violence free lives for all women, children, and communities. Our Vision: IHOH will be an innovative leader providing compassionate care and sustainable, high-integrated services in our quest for violence free lives for women, children, and communities.

Interval House of Hamilton works with women with or without children who have experienced abuse, violence, human trafficking and/or trauma. Interval House of Hamilton is comprised of the 22- bed emergency shelter on Sanatorium Road in Hamilton, legal advocacy for women navigating legal systems at Jared’s Place, and counselling and support at Hamilton Women’s Centre and the Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre. We have a daily occupancy rate running from 111-113%, with two months at over 130% occupancy.

IHOH is national. IHOH accepts women from across the Hamilton region, throughout the province and from overseas. Interval House of Hamilton is on the list of safe shelters in Canada for women and girls who have been trafficked. IHOH is also a member of the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses. IHOH is a member of Shelternet and ASOO (Aboriginal Shelters of Ontario).

The IHOH MentorAction program Be More Than a Bystander to end violence against women and girls is the first of its kind in Ontario. IHOH is the first organization to bring BMTB to Ontario and partner with the major sports organizations in our city – Hamilton Tiger Cats, Hamilton Bulldogs, McMaster University Athletics, and FC Forge and is the only organization in Canada to have partnered with four major elite sports organizations in Be More Than A Bystander.

Our Impact

By the Numbers 2020-21

Shelter Programs

MCCSS Beds: 22

Overflow Beds: 4

Women Served: 90

Children Served : 83

Children’s Programs: 676

Crisis Calls: 3282

Safety Plans: 2830

Meals prepared: 1095

Grocery Shops: 118

24-7 We offer women who are fleeing abuse safe space as well as support on our crisis line

85 women were referred to another shelter due to overcapacity.


Our Work with Hamilton Children’s Aid Society

For many years we have partnered to work with Hamilton CAS to support women who have experienced abuse. This collaborative work enhances a woman’s experience and allows for best outcomes in keeping herself and her children safe.

Women Served: 181

Children Served: 269

Safety Plans: 181

Phone Calls: 400+

10 – Total Number of Danger Assessments completed – 6 of the 10 indicating extreme danger


Community Programs at Women’s Centre Hamilton, Jared’s Place and Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre

Unique Women served: 245

Women received VAW counselling: 245

Safety Plans: 264

117 Women served by Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre

321 Women received legal advocacy, support and navigation by Jared’s Place

84 Group Sessions

98% of women surveyed reported an increased awareness of the cycle of violence and a better understanding of personal safety.

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The need for our services continues to rise as the number of femicides and violence against women incidents dramatically increases in Canada in the face of pandemic challenges. The home can be and is a dangerous place for many women. In 2020 a total of 160 women and girls were killed in Canada; where the accused was identified, 90% were male. This fiscal year, we must raise $700,000 to cover the shortfall in operating costs. There are many ways in which you may choose to have your gift allocated.

Room with A View assists in covering the personal needs (bedding, toiletries, clothing, school supplies, etc.) for the women and children who use a room during the year as well as upkeep of the room (painting, etc.).

House Full of Hope assists in covering yearly infrastructure costs to the Sanitorium Road Shelter.

Covid-19 Emergency Fund assists in providing the needed personal protective equipment and ongoing deep and intensive cleaning of all facilities.

Jared’s Place assists in providing the crucial legal advocacy, support and navigation needed by women and their children.

MentorAction challenges existing societal norms that perpetuate gender-based violence and seeks to build a community that is safe & violence free.

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