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The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada (JGIC) is part of a global conservation organization that advances the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall, a pioneering conservationist who has inspired millions of people for 60+ years.

Animals, people, and the environment are undeniably connected, and wildlife cannot be protected if nearby human populations are forced to live unsustainable lifestyles. So JGIC supports programs in Africa that improve the lives of local people and simultaneously protect wildlife by reducing human dependency on forest resources. In Canada, we provide tools and resources that empower young people to become advocates for animals, people, and the environment that we share through our iconic Roots and Shoots program (which recently turned 30 years old!).

As the scope of our programs expand, we have joined a movement dedicated to positive change around today’s most pressing issues. In 2015, we united with other charities and foundations as signatories to the “Declaration of Action”, pledging to move forward towards the shared goal of true reconciliation with Indigenous communities across Canada. With our youth programs, we support projects led by Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth working together to right the wrongs of racial injustice and improve local communities.

Addressing these challenges is important for organizations like JGI Canada. Over the last year we shared our reflections on racial inequality and discrimination, advocated for the end of the legal ivory trade in Canada, and spoke out against auctions of trophy hunting trips. We continue to develop programs that create meaningful change, advocate for wildlife protection, and collaborate with other organizations on these issues.

Our Impact

Roots and Shoots in Canada

  • Over 150 Roots and Shoots projects have been launched in the last two years across 8 provinces and 2 territories through the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada
  • 12,000+ young people have been involved in spearheading projects across 3 different streams (Sustainable Food, Climate Change & Indigenous Perspectives)
  • 35,000 + youth have been engaged throughout the projects
  • 45,000+ community members have been engaged through the projects
  • All the projects touched on one or more of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (some even went beyond and addressed more!): #2 Zero Hunger, #6 Clean Water and Sanitation , #11 Sustainable Cities & Communities, #12 Responsible Consumption & Production, #13 Climate Action, #15 Life on Land

Conservation and Resilience in Africa

  • We partnered with 20+ villages to build clinics and implement a region-wide vaccine program
  • By partnering with local communities, 18,400 people living along a wildlife corridor gained access to clean water.
  • 130+ chimpanzees are cared for at our sanctuary in the Republic of Congo.
  • 118,800+ community members were reached through our Delivering Healthy Futures program.
  • As a result of our partnership training 700+ health workers and volunteers, 12,000+ children are now fully immunized.

How your gift will be used

In Africa, JGI programs are located in the Republic of Congo (Tchimpounga Sanctuary), Tanzania (Gombe), and Senegal (Building Community Resilience to Climate Change). Our community-centered conservation program works with local partners. Together we make an impact by restoring critical habitat to save chimpanzees from extinction; improving health for women and girls; and cultivating local livelihoods.

In Canada, we work with youth and diverse communities to activate local and national, initiatives for urgent change. Roots & Shoots inspires and educates young people to value and protect the natural world. Young people implement projects in three important areas; sustainable food, Indigenous perspectives, or climate change.

Launched in 2019, the Uncovering Common Ground project brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to share perspectives and break down barriers and stereotypes that prevent reconciliation.

With the converging crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental inequity becoming more pressing, we’ve developed a new organizational strategy to face these challenges. This cannot be left to our children and grandchildren to deal with. We will be implementing new programs into our Canadian mandate (including a restructured A.P.E. Fund), amplifying Indigenous perspectives, and developing a brand-new digital platform that will help inspire a new generation of Janes.

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