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Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF) is a public foundation focused on creating caring communities where everyone thrives. We do that through Granting, Impact Investing and Convening to create measurable and sustainable impacts in Waterloo Region. We collaborate with partners to develop forward-thinking innovative solutions and seize opportunities to meet current and future needs of our community.

We enable people, companies and organizations to do more good by making it easy for Fundholders to give and invest, and for charities to receive money. When you donate to KWCF, your gift is directed to a permanent endowment fund and invested to generate a social return, and a financial return in the form of income. Then, we work with you to distribute the income through grants to support a wide range of charitable causes within our community.

As a leading community-building organization we also work to amplify voices and issues of importance, while approaching our work with an equity mindset. Visit to learn more.

Our Impact

Community matters. Community building to impact people locally makes a big difference. KWCF partners with donors and Fundholders to provide grants and impact investments because we believe that we can help the organizations and individuals supporting people across Waterloo Region do more good. And together – we ARE making a difference.

In 2020, KWCF provided grants of $5.67 Million to local charities and non-profits. Since our inception in 1984, KWCF has granted more than $56 Million to local charities and non-profits, and committed an additional $5.7 Million in impact investments.

KWCF has collected, pooled and invested over $120 Million for people and organizations looking to make a forever impact in our community. But it’s more than just the numbers. The impact will be seen year after year, through the lens of Waterloo Region’s not-for-profit sector as they address local priorities, working hard to serve people and meet their needs.

The bigger the impact – the more everyone thrives. Forever!

Learn more by reading our 2020 Annual Impact Report.

How your gift will be used

What impact do you want to have in your community? The possibilities are endless.

Donating through your will enables you to plan now for the legacy you want to have – one that reflects your life, values and the issues or organizations that are important to you. You can continue to make a difference in the lives of others even after you are gone, with flexible options that achieve your philanthropic goals.

We help you do this by working with you and/or your advisors to consider the lasting impact you want to make through your estate. You can give to an existing KWCF fund or establish your own fund. You can be as specific or flexible as you want – highlighting the areas you are most passionate about or selecting your favourites charities. These choices can then be easily modified during your lifetime through your fund agreement, without having to revise your Will.

Read about types of funds here to see which one best supports the legacy you intend to have.

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