LINCCO (The Institute for Culture and Cooperation) is building a brighter future in developing countries through skills training. LINCCO partners with local non-governmental organizations to fund skills training programs that create gainful employment, greater economic self-sufficiency and improved health services. LINCCO helps individuals and families change their lives, rising out of poverty and increasing access to quality health services in their communities.

Our Impact

Since 1984, LINCCO has worked with trusted partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, the Philippines and other countries. This includes:

  • Strengthening nursing and midwife training in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as helping to establish the first Master’s in Nursing in the country
  • Offering scholarships to young men and women in the Philippines to be able to study at Dualtech and Punlaan – schools with a 100 per cent success rate of their graduates finding employment
  • Funding a school in Ivory Coast that keeps young women in school
  • Helping a Canadian-trained physician hold clinics in rural Uganda where health services are lacking
  • Funding high schools in Venezuela to keep young women studying in the face of the shortages of life’s necessities and economic hardship they face

LINCCO invests in non-governmental organizations with track records of success and impact. They are our trusted partners who ensure our investments make a difference.

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Legacy gifts to LINCCO offer people in developing countries educational opportunities that change their lives – as well as that of their family members. Our recipients are keen to take advantage of the opportunities we offer. Our help allows them to improve their employment status, income or health services immediately upon completing LINCCO sponsored training. Your legacy gift will allow us to strengthen our relationships with partners and their communities, helping us impact more lives.

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