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The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation (LRHF) is a registered charity focused on supporting and improving healthcare within the Lloydminster region. LRHF focuses on excellence and innovation in health services through various projects, initiatives, scholarships, community funding, professional development, and more. 

Starting in 1983, the Foundation has raised money to improve the quality of healthcare in Lloydminster, and around the region, for nearly 40 years. With time and generous donors, the Foundation has grown into a community gem and has helped our community healthcare become what it is today.

We have four guiding principles: passion, accountability, innovation, and inclusion.


Our Foundation is dedicated to creating awareness and forming partnerships that mobilize the communities in our region to support excellence in Health Services.


Our operations are efficient and transparent to maximize the community benefit from each donation. We take a donor-centred approach and communicate regularly with donors about the impact of their gifts.


Promote and be the catalyst for the implementation of research-based best practices in healthcare.


Include all stakeholders of local health services when making decisions for the most significant impact on all healthcare users in the region.

Our Impact

LRHF supports seven healthcare facilities and 40 departments that serve 72,000 residents in the Lloydminster region. This support includes the Lloydminster Hospital, Home Care, Public Health, various mental health initiatives, and all four assisted living centres. Our Project Sunrise initiative supports local mental health programs by helping our community connect with essential tools and resources. We’re also involved with physician recruitment and retention for the Lloydminster area and health care worker professional development.

In recent years our donors have supported additional care home beds at the Pioneer House & Lodge, a new Helipad at the Lloydminster Hospital, automated pharmacy equipment in all facilities, medical imaging improvements, and community-wide COVID-19 emergency response.

How your gift will be used

Your gift in a will to the LRHF can be put to work immediately or held and invested in an endowment fund of your choice, with only the income used to advance the Foundation’s mission for generations to come.

Your gift can be in any dollar amount and may include the assignment of almost any other assets. In addition, endowments can be created in your name or the name of your choosing.

A Gift of Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder allows you to support a passionate cause while still providing reliable funds for you and your heirs.

There are three different ways to give:

Gift of Property Ownership

This could be real estate, personal property, stocks, and bonds, etc.

Charitable Life Insurance

Transfer your life insurance policy to the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation.

Its donations from life-long community supporters have made it possible for our Foundation to purchase items like the Helipad, hospital equipment, senior beds, and much more. Gifts in Will are the simplest and most satisfying way to ensure one’s lifetime efforts and convictions have a lasting impact in their community.

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