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London Community Foundation believes in a strong and sustainable future for all. Through strategic investing that drives innovative community initiatives, LCF is proud to provide personalized philanthropy that is dedicated to improving communities and creating a brighter future for London and Middlesex County.

By establishing an endowment fund with LCF, your gift is invested in perpetuity, allowing your legacy to live on forever, supporting the charities that are important to you, year after year. Take advantage of LCF’s in-depth community knowledge and expertise, and learn how the power of endowment can create sustainable change in your community.

Our Impact

In 2022, LCF and our fund holders granted $4.5 million to 273 charities, and invested over $4.3 million in Social Impact Investing. In the past 10 years, LCF has granted a cumulative total of over $36.2 million into the community.

LCF is one of the few community foundations in the country to have a third of its endowed assets as unrestricted, which represents the Community Fund.  This pool of unrestricted assets allows us to deploy funds where they are needed most as well as repurpose the capital for social impact investing in local housing and social enterprises, yielding the Foundation an annual return of almost 4%.

Our Community Vitality Grant program, funded by the Community Fund distributes up to $1 million every year to charitable programs that deliver innovative, strategic, and high-impact programs. LCF has also leveraged investment opportunities to make an impact on the community.

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Wayne MacDonald is a giving guy. He’s always been that way and still wants to be that way when he’s gone. Wayne set up a Donor-Advised Fund with LCF in 2021, and recently took the decision to take his giving one step further by making a bequest to LCF in his will, maximizing the legacy he’ll be leaving.

“To me, London Community Foundation is my mentor. They’re going to show me, they’re going to guide me. I can concentrate on my fund and they’re looking after all the essentials I couldn’t do if I was trying to start up my own foundation. Why build the wheel when it’s already been built!”

Whether it’s a gift in will, a gift of insurance, or another planned gift – your gift will be invested in perpetuity and the earnings will be used to drive community change forever by supporting the causes that matter most to you. Our funds are multi-generational, ensuring your philanthropy lives on through your family, year after year, and our flexible approach means that we can assist you with your short- and long-term giving goals.

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Diane Silva
Director, Philanthropy
London Community Foundation
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519 667-1600 ext. 207

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