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For more than 38 years (since 1983), the Freemasons of Manitoba in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society’s transportation program (Wheels of Hope) has enabled patients to focus their energy on fighting cancer and not on worrying about how they will get to treatment.

Our Impact

The Freemasons of Manitoba are key partners in the “Wheels of Hope” service. The cancer society has five vans in Winnipeg, four of those purchased with money donated by the Freemasons, and two vans in Brandon, also purchased with money the Freemasons donated. Last year, the seven vans made more than 30,000 patient trips totaling about 655,000 kilometers. Thirty-three Mason drivers contributed to those numbers by providing more than 5,400 volunteer hours.

While Freemasonry does not exist to be a service organization, the Theological Tenets of Freemasonry are Faith and Hope, is Charity. The key way the Grand Lodge of Manitoba has chosen to practice charity is by partnering with the Manitoba division of the Canadian Cancer Society’s “Wheels of Hope” transportation service. Five days a week, Freemasons in Winnipeg and Brandon provide subsidized rides for people receiving cancer treatment. The service helps ensure finances and distance are not a barrier to treatment for Manitobans in more than 50 communities.

Patients appreciate the support, and the Freemasons appreciate the opportunity to help.

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We endeavor to raise enough funds to replace at least one van each year, as the vans reach their end of life in about 5 or less years at around 250,000kms of service.

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