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The Mayne Island Conservancy Society is a local, grassroots environmental organization founded in 2003, operating through the generous financial support of donors and grants and with a small staff and active volunteer board. Mayne Island is located in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

We work with the community to conserve the ecology of Mayne Island and its surrounding waters for future generations. This includes:

  • Caring for the land. Working with local partners to restore and manage natural areas for public use including removing invasive species and planting native trees and shrubs.
  • Shoreline care. Leading nearshore marine monitoring programs for eelgrass and bull kelp to document long-term changes in these important habitats; organizing annual beach cleanups; and engaging citizen scientists.
  • Community education and engagement. Hosting educational activities and youth programs; producing a monthly newsletter to inform and involve members and the community.
  • Landholder consultations. Providing guidance to conserve and restore natural habitats on private property.
  • Land acquisition. Raising money to help purchase land to conserve natural areas.
  • Advocacy. To protect our natural areas and marine environment, with a current focus on the ecological damage caused by the overabundance of introduced and native deer.

Our Impact

Conservancy accomplishments are tangible and lasting. Compelling examples are:

  • Trees planted 10 years ago in Henderson Park are now big enough to provide habitat for birds and insects.
  • Since 2011, planted 10,398 native trees and shrubs in habitat restoration work.
  • Historic water levels have been recently restored at Hedgerow Farm Wetland, Mayne’s largest wetland.
  • St. John Point’s 68 acres are now protected forever.

Conservancy results in 2022:

Caring for the land

  • 1232 native trees and shrubs planted in restoration projects
  • 2953 native plants rescued from development sites
  • 566 plants produced in our native plant nursery
  • 87 acres of natural habitat at Edith Point protected forever
  • 453 hours spent managing invasive plants
  • 9 ongoing habitat restoration projects
  • 121 bats counted in 21 local surveys

Shoreline care

  • 296 hours spent  surveying bull kelp
  • 32 hours spent by freedivers mapping eelgrass
  • 27 volunteer kayakers involved in regional kelp monitoring
  • 9 citizen scientists monitor light trap for Dungeness crab study
  • 3.2 km of shoreline protected forever at Edith Point

Community education & engagement

  • 677 subscribers to monthly newsletter The Oystercatcher
  • 1102 participants in programs
  • 306 Conservancy members
  • 22 free landowner consultations on 165 acres
  • 32 science and nature lessons taught to youth

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Our Ecological Challenge

Mayne’s population has grown dramatically in recent years resulting in the cutting of trees, expanded habitat fragmentation, and increased pressure on our natural resources. These escalating pressures add to existing issues such as deer overpopulation, invasive species, increasing severe summer droughts and other climate change effects.

Your Legacy meeting the Challenge

The lasting success of your legacy gift will help the Conservancy to meet these challenges in the future. 

Every single bequest, no matter the size, will make a difference in our work on Mayne that includes:

  • Restoring and conserving natural habitats on land.
  • Shoreline care around the island.
  • Land acquisition for conservation and public use.
  • Community education and engagement on ecological issues.

Your values today will be reflected in your legacy and the ongoing work of the Conservancy.

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