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MedicAlert Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charity that proudly embraces our mission to put every Canadian in a position to benefit from high-quality health information at time of need.

We live our mission everyday through a range of MedicAlert charitable and outreach programs that help so many live more securely and confidently! But there are hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Canadians we still must reach. As a charity, we rely on our subscribers and generous donors to keep these life-saving programs going strong.

Vision: A world where no one is alone in their time of need.

MedicAlert is unique among health charities in Canada. While our colleagues in disease-oriented charities focus on disease eradication through research or disease management through education and programming, our primary focus is data and information exchange from the health system user to the first response triage – the very beginning of trauma or emergency health services. In short, we are the bridge that connects the community to the hospital, the doctor’s office or the clinic.

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Unrestricted Giving: Undesignated donations provide a flexible source of funding to support the advancement of our mission and our priorities.

IDEA (Inclusion Diversity and Equity in Action): The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Action (IDEA) Program is MedicAlert’s charitable assistance program. Our goal is to promote health and reduce inequities in accessing the MedicAlert service among marginalized and underserved populations.

No Child Without Program: This program, which was first launched with the support of a grant from the federal government, is now supported by generous donors. The No Child Without Program ensures that eligible children with medical conditions aged 4-14 receive MedicAlert protection free-of-charge. 6,000 schools across Canada have signed on to be part of No Child Without.

Education: Programs funded through our Education Fund include training support for caregivers, subscribers and first responders. Our Connect Protect program is an example of our commitment to improving emergency outcomes for our subscribers. Through partnerships with first responders across the country, we provide direct access and training on the identification and use of the MedicAlert service in emergency situations.

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