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MBCI is a Christ-centered middle and secondary school (grades 5 – 12) with a vision for equipping students to learn, love, and engage with the world around them.

We approach education with a view that reaches far beyond the classroom. Students are nurtured in both character and faith; experiencing opportunities to become creative and effective problem solvers, communicators, and good stewards and citizens.

Established in 1945 by the Mennonite Brethren Churches in Winnipeg, MBCI has grown to include students from a diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs while remaining true to our Anabaptist roots. Today, MBCI builds toward the future with the support of a wide community of students, families, alumni and friends of MBCI who share our commitment to preparing young people, not just for academic success, but for life.

With a long tradition of excellence in Academics, Music, Performing Arts, and Athletics, MBCI continues to innovate with programs and projects that include the best of what we know about how students learn and grow. Students engage deeply with curriculum content through well-designed projects, applying their own curiosity and hands-on problem-solving skills to real-world questions. By working in teams, embedding technology as a tool for research and presentation, and learning to take risks, students develop the knowledge, 21-century skillset, curiosity, and character they will need after graduation.

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Our Impact

We liken education to tending a garden. Our labour, and investment, bears fruit both now and in the future.

When young people learn in ways that include purpose, meaning, and belonging, they are able to grow as multi-faceted and complex people. They acquire knowledge and not just content; the ability to think critically; an understanding of what it means to live a Christ-centered life, based on the teaching of Jesus, that equips them to look beyond themselves and move into the world with compassion for all.

An MBCI education has impact within our communities even before graduation. Students are encouraged to address real-world problems as part of their learning, leading to contributions like sheds for Habitat for Humanity, Memory Kits that are used in Personal Care Homes during visits, and Biodiversity Information Posters used in populated urban areas to help educate about complex ecosystems.

When they leave MBCI, our students continue to have impact in their various communities and workplaces with their capacity for leadership, overcoming challenges, and discernment.

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Your legacy gift will be directed to the MBCI Bursary Fund. One hundred percent of your contribution is awarded in support to families who find tuition to be a financial obstacle.

MBCI is committed to providing accessible, Christ-centred education and our robust Bursary Program offers full and partial tuition credit for families who might otherwise not be able to attend. In 2022, we shared more than $175,000 in bursary support – and the number of yearly applications continues to grow – demonstrating the significant need for this important program in growing, and maintaining, our learning community.

Your gift is one of planting seeds. Some of the fruit of that planting is immediately apparent with the learning and growth students experience during their years at MBCI. As they move out into the wider world, your gift is amplified for many years to come as students take with them all they have learned, and who they have become.

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