Svetlana Lunkina. Photo by Karolina Kuras.

The National Ballet of Canada

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One of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world, The National Ballet of Canada continues to build on a 70-year legacy of inspiring audiences with the best of dance. 

The National Ballet is home to 65 dancers, 12 apprentices and a dedicated symphony orchestra, giving over 75 performances each year in Toronto. The company has toured extensively to international destinations such as Paris, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco., and supports both Canadian and international choreographers with a repertoire that reflects the tradition and future of ballet.  

I feel so fortunate to have had The National Ballet of Canada as my artistic home for over 50 years. I’ve always been grateful for the generous support and friendship of our donors and patrons who are instrumental to this great company that we love so dearly. With our artists performing at the highest international calibre and the company at the height of its creative powers, I am excited about The National Ballet of Canada’s bright future and what we’ll accomplish together.”  Karen Kain, Artistic Director Emerita  

Our Impact

Your Gift to Future Generations

You have more power to make a difference than you realize. By giving even a small portion of your estate to The National Ballet of Canada, you can have a significant impact on our work, both on stage and behind the scenes. Every gift, no matter the amount, will:

  • Ensure that the National Ballet remains a creative force on the international stage by supporting the commissioning of new works or acquisitions of existing productions.
  • Support the professional development of all the dancers in the company in the form of guest coaches, teachers, and workshops.
  • Ensure that The National Ballet of Canada’s Orchestra remains a world-class ensemble that performs an array of classical and contemporary scores.
  • Support tours, ensuring that the National Ballet continues to provide a worldwide profile for Canadian dance and dancers.
  • Support the National Ballet in delivering meaningful and engaging public education programmes which introduce young people to the performing arts.

We thank you for the chance to see a ballerina and for her to come to our classroom. We were able to learn ballet from a professional! Your generosity will not be forgotten in our classroom.”  – Education Programming participants Omar, Vincent, Karrie, Barmaan, Gwen, Kathy and Arafat 


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How your gift will be used

We reach a stage in life when we think about what it has all meant. Most of us want to be remembered for our best qualities. We want to be remembered for our generosity, our integrity and our life passions. 

By including The National Ballet of Canada as part of your estate plan, you will be remembered and celebrated as a passionate supporter of Canada’s leading ballet company. 

Every legacy gift we receive supports our work, both on stage and behind the scenes. Every gift, no matter the amount, makes it possible for us to create and stage new works, support and nurture our dancers, finance our tours, fund our celebrated orchestra, and engage thousands of children annually through educational programming. 

We are grateful for every act of generosity from people like you, who make the decision to share ballet with future generations; a gift that will ensure your passion for The National Ballet of Canada lives on forever. 

“I’m inspired by the dancers who have dedicated their lives to their craft. I want to contribute to the National Ballet’s continued growth and success. Leaving a legacy gift is my way to express my appreciation.”  – Ishrani Jaikaran, Legacy Donor 

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