Caribou de la Gaspésie en forêt, image par Hugues Deglaire.

Nature Québec



Founded in 1981, Nature Québec is a national non-profit organization working for the conservation of natural ecosystems and the sustainable use of resources.

Supported by a network of scientists, our team leads projects and campaigns around 4 areas: biodiversity, forest, energy and climate, and urban environment.

The organization has over 145,000 members and supporters, 30 affiliated groups and is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Our mission:

Nature Québec promotes civic engagement, intervenes in the public debate, informs, raises awareness and carries out projects so that our society:

  • Values biodiversity
  • Protects natural environments and species
  • Promotes contact with nature
  • Use resources sustainably

Our Impact

Across the province, Nature Québec raises awareness, mobilizes and acts to build a just society with a low ecological footprint, in solidarity with the rest of the planet. The organization takes action so collectivities, in cities or in the countryside, love and protect nature, and recognize its undeniable importance for their well-being and development.

From the blocking of the Energie East pipeline to the closure of Gentilly-2, the protection of chorus frogs, caribou and belugas, the abandonment of oil prospection on Anticosti island and the rejection of the GNL Québec project, Nature Québec has supported hundreds of environmental and civic battles since its creation.

Nature Québec collaborates with dozens of scientific experts to publish reports for public consultations on current environmental issues. Nature Québec also offers educative activities and conferences and works on a multitude of field projects across the province.

Amongst others, our team works to create and enhance a network of protected areas, to document and halt the decline of endangered species, to promote good forestry practices, to research on wildlife habitats in collaboration with indigenous communities, to keep a watch on energy and climate strategies, to promote local renewable energies, to fight against nature deficit, and more!

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Nature Québec

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11927 5816 RR0001

How your gift will be used

By supporting our organization, you become a voice for change and you call into question the status quo. You’re making an important gesture for future generations and nature conservancy. Your donation directly contributes to the implementation of ambitious measures to protect the environment and to finding innovative solutions to the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity.

Funding through philanthropy is at the heart of our ability to act on emerging issues in order to make gains in environmental protection. These contributions are very important, as they provide us with additional financial leverage that guarantees our independence and our speed of action. They allow us to have a long-term impact on many issues through extensive mobilization campaigns.

Your donation will be divided equally between our 4 areas of intervention and will be invested in the realization of our various projects on biodiversity, forest, energy and climate, as well as in the urban environment, unless otherwise specified.

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