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The Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable land conservation organization which focuses on conserving and stewarding private land, while engaging with others about the importance of protecting our province’s unique natural heritage and biodiversity.

New Brunswick is a bountiful province, with stunning landscapes and various ecosystems of forest, coastline, and waterways. We protect unique natural areas in New Brunswick, spectacular spaces of pristine, scenic beauty, some which shelter rare, endangered species of flora and fauna. It is the Nature Trust’s mandate to steward these lands while maintaining healthy ecosystems, biodiversity and preserving native species.

This is our mission:

CONSERVE areas in New Brunswick that are ecologically significant, establishing nature preserves that remain protected forever;

STEWARD the nature preserves through a network of volunteers and supporters;

ENGAGE with the public on the importance of land conservation, New Brunswick’s natural heritage, biodiversity, and species at risk.

In order to achieve our mission, we partner with individuals, landowners, community groups, non-profit organizations, Indigenous groups, businesses, and government departments at all levels to protect New Brunswick’s natural spaces. We establish nature preserves through land or fund gifts, purchases, conservation easement agreements, other legal interests in land, and steward them in perpetuity.

By acquiring conservation lands and by working with our communities, donors and volunteers, to encourage responsible stewardship, we ensure that these spaces are conserved, forever. This means everyone has access to natural spaces and hiking trails, the ability to get away and reconnect with the outdoors, and the opportunity to teach future generations about the importance of nature.


Our Impact

Since 1987, we have conserved over 11,000 acres (4,000 hectares) of ecologically significant land in more than 70 beautiful and diverse nature preserves throughout New Brunswick.

Over 94% of New Brunswick lands are unprotected and open to development, ranking us as the second to last province in the country in the amount of conserved land (6.0%). Thus, conserving New Brunswick’s ecologically significant land is essential to preserving the places we are connected to.

Once the land is conserved, our stewardship department creates management plans, ensures boundaries are monitored, surveys flora and fauna, and works with local volunteers and conservation experts to find ways to best steward the network of nature preserves.

Alongside this, we value community engagement as an integral part of our organization. The Nature Trust began as a grassroots organization, led by dedicated volunteers, and we continue to do our important work because of volunteers of all ages and abilities.

Your gift to the Nature Trust of New Brunswick will help us achieve our goals of conserving New Brunswick’s ecological heritage, stewarding these areas through a network of thoughtful volunteers and supporters, and engaging with the public on the importance of land conservation.

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The Nature Trust of New Brunswick Inc.

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How your gift will be used

Every gift to the Nature Trust of New Brunswick will help ensure that the most special places in New Brunswick are conserved — in all of their natural beauty — forever.

Your gift will help us to steward these spaces and engage with community members about the importance of land conservation.

Legacy gifts provide New Brunswickers and visitors from all walks of life an opportunity to enjoy the biodiverse spaces we work to conserve. From the beautiful and vibrant Appalachian Hardwood and old-growth Acadian Forests to stunning coastal shorelines and islands, we are surrounded by natural wonders. By making these areas accessible to the public, future generations will have the valuable opportunity to explore the natural beauty of their province.

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