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The Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable land trust focusing on conserving and stewarding land, and engaging the public on the importance of protecting our province’s unique natural heritage and biodiversity. We envision a New Brunswick where our heritage of unique biological and geological diversity is valued and protected for the health and sustainability for future generations.

New Brunswick is a bountiful province, with stunning landscapes and a rich tapestry of ecosystems, wildlife, and ecologically significant habitats. We protect unique and delicate coastal habitats, vibrant Appalachian Hardwood and old-growth Acadian Forests, and critical species-at-risk habitat, as well as areas that are of high cultural and aesthetic importance.

By partnering with community groups, non-profit organizations, Indigenous groups, businesses, and government departments at all levels, we work collaboratively to protect New Brunswick’s natural spaces. By conserving land through establishing nature preserves, our passionate community works tirelessly to ensure that these spaces are conserved, forever.

Our Impact

Since 1987, we have conserved over 4,000 hectares (11,000 acres) of ecologically significant land in more than 75 beautiful and ecologically diverse nature preserves throughout New Brunswick.

With the help of our amazing and dedicated members and volunteers, we steward these nature preserves to ensure long-term ecological integrity. We value community engagement as an integral part of our organization, as the Nature Trust began as a grassroots organization, led by dedicated volunteers, and we continue to do our important work because of volunteers of all ages and abilities.

It is our belief that all living beings have the right to experience nature and the Nature Trust’s mission is to engage and involve New Brunswickers in conserving and stewarding the province’s natural heritage.

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The Nature Trust of New Brunswick Inc.

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14074 2289 RR0001

How your gift will be used

Your legacy gift to the Nature Trust of New Brunswick will help us achieve our goals by providing us with the ability to acquire high-conservation value land, conduct important wildlife studies, protect critical species-at-risk, provide inclusive opportunities for people to connect with nature, and recruit and train a new generation of land stewards. Most importantly, your generosity will be used to ensure these beautiful and rich natural spaces are available for all to explore.

By giving the gift of nature, you ensure the Nature Trust can continue the important collaborative work of protecting and maintaining these special places in New Brunswick, forever.


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