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The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is a charitable organization that focuses on conserving the ecological integrity of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Our mission is clear: “Create a thriving and everlasting ecosystem on and near the Oak Ridges Moraine.

We recognize the critical ecological services provided by the Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt, such as water filtration, climate regulation, and habitat preservation, and actively work to preserve these services, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the region.

We work with astute and passionate landowners to protect and steward environmentally sensitive lands. Together, we nurture these lands, promoting health and sustainability for future generations.

Our Impact

Since 2000, with 67 properties already protected covering 2,132 hectares (5,269 acres), we’ve made significant progress. However, with the Moraine being close to urban centres, the mounting development pressures demand that we accelerate our efforts to protect as much natural habitat as possible.

Because of the protection we have done, 43 different types of species at risk and 1,700 will have their homes protected.

13 provincially significant wetlands, 6 areas of Natural and Significant Interest will never be filled in, or developed.

Other things we have accomplished with your support to help connect people to nature, and educate them about the importance of protecting it.

  • 170 educational events about nature
  • Over 6,000 volunteers and participants
  • 6,450 volunteer hours
  • 6,000 native plants planted
  • close to 1,000 native trees and shrubs planted
  • Over 35,000 YouTube views

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We cannot achieve these goals alone. Your support is invaluable. Whether through donations, spreading awareness, or volunteering, you can make a profound difference. Together, we will forge a brighter future for the Oak Ridges Moraine and beyond.

Your donation will help to protect nature…forever.

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