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About Oakville Community Foundation

Oakville Community Foundation is all about community philanthropy.

Since 1994, we’ve been working with residents to make Oakville the best it can possibly be for the people who live here.

We start by conducting comprehensive research about our town to truly understand where we can direct granting dollars that will have the most significant impact in our community.

Then, working with our Fundholders, we set out to tackle the intractable issues we uncover. Together, we solve local problems.

The strength of a Community Foundation is the hundreds of local philanthropists who choose to invest their charitable dollars together for greater impact.

Our Impact

To begin, families or individuals establish an Endowment Fund at the Foundation. This Fund operates much like a private foundation. The original gift is invested together with the Foundation’s other assets to provide an annual return. Fundholders then select a name for their Fund and determine each year where to direct the proceeds, in the form of charitable grants.

Click here to see the power of a charitable Fund over twenty years at the Oakville Community Foundation.

Instead of making one charitable donation, an Endowment Fund turns the initial contribution into a legacy of giving that can last for generations. In fact, many Fundholders use their Fund as a way of teaching philanthropy to their children. Eventually, they allow them to take over the Granting decisions and connect more fully with their community.

Read about how Bonnie and Terry Jackson are using their Fund to inspire generations of local philanthropists.

How your gift will be used

What impact do you want to have in your Community? We can help your charitable dollars work towards that.

When you become a Fundholder at the Oakville Community Foundation, it’s very similar to starting a Private Foundation. Except, instead of going it alone, you have access to so much more! The Foundation provides community research and charitable insights to help you target your philanthropy. More than that though, you get connected to a peer-group of philanthropists, all with similar goals: to create a better Oakville and country for everyone.

And, while many Fundholders start their philanthropic journey with particular goals in mind, we usually find that those goals expand over time. Being connected with other philanthropy-minded residents and learning about Oakville’s needs has a way of increasing your charitable horizons.

Much of the Oakville Community Foundation’s work wouldn’t be possible without the participation and enthusiasm of our Fundholders.

Be sure to visit our Initiatives page to see all of our projects underway with support from our Community of Philanthropists.

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