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One Step Learning Opportunities Centre (OSL) was incorporated and registered as a Canada Revenue Agency charity in 2020, when its founders donated a compound building in a 30-year rent free lease for use as an early childhood learning daycare. So, OSL is grassroots registered charity that engages and collaborates with Canadian supporters and institutions in the communities to provide early childhood learning opportunities for impoverished children 1 – 6-year-olds. Your generosity will be life changing.

In addition to providing early childhood learning opportunities, OSL is working to leverage the children’s daycare facilities in Entumbil, Ghana as a placement Centre for post-secondary students and volunteers enrolled in Canadian or overseas early childhood learning programs to gain international practicum experience for program credits.  Such synergistic/ecosystem grassroots foresight goal benefits Canadians and others in the local communities who are interested to broaden and diversify strategic giving.

Parents pay $11,600 annually and projected expenses are $42,200. OSL needs new sources of funding for the $30,600 or $2,550 monthly shortfall for daily operational needs. Long-term items & a playground needed will cost $97,000.

OSL Value Proposition

The 2022 financial statements attest to the responsible fiscal management that OSL has achieved with less than $100,000 in two years. The value proposition is evident that It cost less than $70 per month to educate a toddler 1 to 6 years old in Entumbil, Ghana; employ 14 dedicated staff; and implement a sustainable play-based daycare to support an impoverished community. It is good value for money when 80 happy children have undergone life changing experience in literacy, community development, and humanity. OSL’s incorporation and the fiscal responsibility demonstrated to date with the community supports received affirms its capability for sustainability and social good for many for ages to come.

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Our Impact


  • On October 18, 2021, the daycare started with 11 children, and now OSL serves 80 children daily.
  • A Play-based Daycare facility is now available in the town and surrounding communities.
  • Parents, especially women, burden of childcare are relieved and can seek employment/careers.
  • Acquisition educational TV programs has strengthened children’s English language skills.
  • 14 jobs have been created for teachers, security, caterers, sanitation, and gardeners.


  • Early childhood literacy has improved, as children begin to understand the world around them.
  • Impoverished children become lifelong learners of tomorrow through life changing experiences.
  • Opportunity for Canadian students and volunteers to gain international placement experience.

 Why is OSL Doing This?

The philanthropy founders donated their house in Entumbil Ghana for early childhood learning for 30 years. Their motive and why included: Making Early Childhood Learning Affordable for rural children; importance of early literacy; helping impoverished community to develop; creating jobs; helping disadvantaged girls and women. Founders were inspired by first hand experience of benefits gained by their grandchildren who attend daycares in Canada.


  • The innovative kids learning garden uses nature world around us to solidify learning
  • Planting Teak trees on-site is OSL stewardship and bond relationship with supporters. Claim one ✌✅ 👍.

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How your gift will be used

Make an impact by joining the early childhood learning cause with your strategic meaningful gift giving. Your generosity will be a life changing cause for 1 – 6 year-olds for generations to come in your legacy for social good. Your donation will pay for desks, teachers and staff salaries, educational materials, operation supplies, and playground structures. We need you. Generosity shines.

Parents pay $11,600 annually and projected expenses are $42,200. OSL needs new sources of funding for the $30,600 or $2,550 monthly shortfall for daily operational needs. A playground needed will cost $97,000.

OSL children pray for and need educational materials and outdoor playground structures;

Electronic kids tablets, laptops, and gadgets

LEGO toys and structures

Bikes, scooters, sand boxes

Bouncy inflated Castle with Water slide $10,000

Bus/Van for transportation

Please visit website for full list (Support Us page).

Stewardship and accountability to donors and supporters is paramount to our passionate and committed leadership.

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