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Outward Bound Canada

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Outward Bound Canada is committed to helping Canadian youth change the trajectory of their lives. OBC is a registered charity that offers social-emotional education through experiential adventures in the outdoors to help young people thrive in an unpredictable and changing world. Since 1969, OBC has inspired over 150,000 participants, with a particular emphasis on providing greater access to those facing socioeconomic barriers. These experiences develop resilience, social and emotional intelligence, and environmental awareness to contribute to a better, more compassionate, and resilient society.

In addition to courses available for individual registration, OBC partners with Indigenous Nations, schools, universities, community groups, government agencies, corporate groups and learning institutes across the country to provide a wide range of programs so that youth from diverse backgrounds can explore nature with the support of highly skilled instructors who are trained in risk management.

Our Impact

Outward Bound Canada leaves a lasting and measurable impact on participants’ lives in three key areas:
1. Improved sense of resiliency
– OBC is building a generation of physically and mentally healthy citizens
– Participants choose to improve their physical and mental health
2. Greater leadership skills and social connectedness
– OBC is teaching the skills needed to succeed at school, work and in life
– Participants become more confident, collaborative and respectful team members
3. Stronger connection with nature
– OBC is promoting greater levels of environmentalism
– Participants develop stronger life-long connections to the natural world

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“I can’t begin to express my gratitude for giving my daughter this opportunity. She doesn’t get opportunities like this because of me being ill. It hurts me a lot that I can’t do these things with her, also I can’t afford to take her to expensive experiences. I’m very grateful that you have given her this opportunity. It has been life-changing.” – Parent of a participant

How your gift will be used

Your support allows us to:

  1. Partner with schools and groups in underserved communities
    As experts in providing outdoor education and social-emotional learning, we strive to offer customized programs for schools and groups in underserved communities. Through charitable and government support, we offer a mix of co-pay and fully funded programs for schools and groups across the country.
  2. Provide financial assistance through our Youth Access Fund
    As many of our courses available for individual registration can be cost-prohibitive for many families, our Youth Access Fund, which is funded through charitable donations, eliminates barriers to participation by providing financial assistance to those who qualify.
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